Developers Alerted Apple About Maps Quality Issues Prior To iOS 6’s Release


When Apple released iOS 6 to the general public on September 19th, the Cupertino-based giant was well aware of the issues tagged along with the Maps application. A large segment of the public began to assume Apple wasn’t aware of any Maps issues because they stalled on issuing a public statement for well over a week.

In reality, developers have been consistently nitpicking away at many of Maps issues since the iOS 6 beta launch during mid-June. These developers were reporting bugs via reports, emails and on the Apple developer message board.

CNET has learned the exclusive details:

“During the beta period I filed bug reports with Apple’s Radar system (notorious for being ignored), posted on the forums several times, and e-mailed multiple people within Apple’s MapKit team to voice our concerns.”

Although these developers successively completed their jobs by reporting bugs, Apple never fixed the issues. On a good note, most recently users have noticed Apple has fixed these bugs on a more organized schedule.

One developer was angered because the iOS 6 Maps swap caused features within his application to ‘break.’:

“This has been a frustrating experience for us and we don’t care where the imagery comes from, we just would like our customers to be able to have the same experience within our app when they update from iOS 5 to iOS 6,” the developer added. “Instead, the OS upgrade broke some of the features we built within our application despite being told that only the imagery would be swapped out.”

We all can agree that Apple should have waited to launch iOS 6 Maps, but now we have to face reality and help dig them out of the hole they have gotten into. It’s now a team effort to fix maps–so I suggest you get to reporting the errors to help out.


  • bradg17

    Yup, I’ve already reported like 20 errors. I figure that bitching about it won’t get me anywhere, so I might as well report it and help apple fix this mess.

  • I use maps on a daily basis as part of my employment, and will join the chorus of those who were utterly disgusted at it. That said, I’ve reported more than my share of corrections, NONE of which have been addressed as of yet.

  • ladohierro

    I never upgrade my phone to the lastest version, for me google maps works great, believe google has a lot of time making maps, at this time is practically impossible apple deliver a quality product maps

  • CASH_First_Pls

    As an embedded engineer that has worked for a number of different companies over the last 25 years I can say that any publicly traded company is never going to put product quality and innovation first. They will say they are putting those priorities at the top, but that is only a nice theme song for the share holders. The bottom line is the quarterly reports and share prices are the ONLY thing they care about. They rarely think more than 1 quarter ahead. They will make 5 year plans, but their day to day actions never act on them with the priority required to implement properly. The almighty income for the end of the quarter reports are the only thing a public company cares about.
    So… what this means is, the pressure to release a product, no matter how screwed up it is, will out way any technical concerns the developers have. The people calling the shots are usually (95%) just accountants and non-technical managers (people that have never personally developed anything. They usually ignore any technical feedback if it will delay them making money.
    Steve Jobs was a complete Nazi Loon, with so many personal issues it isn’t funny. But he would be the only person in Apple that may stand up to the share holders to defend delaying due to something not being right. But he was crazy, so a complete wildcard that could go either way.

    So… the shareholders got their instant cash from millions of sheep willing to buy the latest. Now apple can take their time and actually make the product work. Canada will definitely be a low priority as the bulk of the sheep are in the U.S. and they will cater to the loudest voice first. We may get updated maps in a year or more (remember SIRI ….) But I would not hold your breath for apple maps working anywhere in a reasonable fashion outside the major city limits in Canada, and that would be after a year or more for the major cities to be correct.

    This is just my opinion though 🙂