Developers: iOS 6 GM Is Ready For Download

Alright developers, the keynote is over and the fun is about to begin. Apple has seeded iOS 6 Golden Master (GM) to the public just in these last few minutes. The version for the public will not be released until September 19th; this version allows developers to test their iOS applications on the final-build of iOS 6.

The list of compatible devices can be found on the image above. Any questions on what the final build of iOS 6 will include will be answered here. Apple hasn’t made any major changes from build-one to the GM build of iOS 6 other than the removal of the Youtube application.

All developers can complete the upgrade by visiting the Dev Center. An OTA version of the update hasn’t yet hit the users.

Are you excited for iOS 6?

[via @tophee]

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  • Mike

    no OTA still

  • MrXax

    If non-developers can get ahold of it, is it possible to install it?

  • RyanStOnge

    No, you have to have your UDID registered in the Dev center.

  • RyanStOnge

    Just wait a few, should be there within the hour. It may depend on what device you have, Apple could still be uploading files.

  • Kirk

    hope your right. I just checked. Did you do it on your iphone? I only have iOS 6 on my iPad.

  • Helvetica

    I’ve been installing GM seeds on my iOS and Macs for years, they’ve never required me to have any UDIDs registered. Beta require. GMs do not.

  • Sooooo excited for IOS6. Was thinking of opening developer account just to get betas and such.

  • Did you did it? Is it working?

  • RyanStOnge

    If Helvetica says the GM doesn’t require the UDID registration, I guess you could try. I have never tried it though. I assumed they required your UDID just like the beta.

  • RyanStOnge

    Disregard my comment. I have iOS 6 beta 3 installed on my iPad currently. I assumed the update waiting on my iPad’s OTA center was for the GM, it was the beta 4.

    And I just read GM’s don’t support OTA like I thought they would have. Guess you’ll have to install the old fashioned way.

  • Ya…i’m a bit afraid, dont wanna be stock with a brick phone for 7 days…

  • Kirk

    Ohhh… Makes sense now. Thanks.

  • Mathieu

    GM are an exact copy of what we would received next week. This is why there should be no UDID check. Will be able to tell you in a few hours.

  • Bobhead

    They don’t have a generic iPad WIFI with cellular listed. I have Telus.

  • jabohn

    I can confirm it works. Just tried it.

  • Helvetica

    I just installed the GM on both my iPhone 4S and iPad 3 without issue and without being a developer.

  • MrXax

    Another confirmation… works great on iPhone 4, except Passbook requires a download from the App Store, and it’s currently saying not available in the Canadian store.

  • andy

    if i update my 4s to ios 6 will i be able to udate it to the public version when its out or will i be stuck with the GM for ever? thanks

  • MrXax

    It’s my understanding that the GM and public version are identical.