Did Samsung Just Copy The Original iPhone Ad From 2007? [VIDEO]


Samsung copies 2007 iPhone TV ad

Samsung has just released a new TV ad for its recently introduced GALAXY Gear smartwatch, that attempts to walk us through a brief history of smartwatches in pop culture, from The Jetsons to the Star Trek. While the ad itself is scoring some pretty high praise, it seems that the commercial actually follows the theme of Apple’s original iPhone ad from 2007 (via ObamaPacman).

Matthew Panzarino (@panzer), senior editor of Techcrunch, noticed that Samsung is trying to pass off a copy of the original iPhone TV ad as its own:

“Finally, Samsung made a great ad that the people like. I wonder why.”

Below are the two ads, first one is the Apple’s original iPhone ad which which debuted during the Academy Awards back in 2007, and the second one is for Samsung’s GALAXY Gear:


  • winnertakesteve

    geez even the music is 2007. 😛

  • Edge

    Er, no, the ads are quite different. Apple was all a play on “hello” featuring different “celebrities” of sorts on real phones. Samsung focused on how the smart watch is science fiction and now has come true (they weren’t the first, no, but that’s another story). Despite the clever graphic above, no, these ads awe very different and I doubt even inspired by one another. That’s my opinion.

  • stop copying start innovating

    What don’t they copy….. ads.. phones, vaccuum cleaners, cars (yes they make and sell cars in korea).