Disney to Ditch Netflix in 2019 in Favour of its Own Streaming Service


According to a new report from CNBC, Disney plans to pull all of its movies from Netflix as it prepares to launch its own streaming service.

Starting in early 2018, Disney will launch an ESPN video streaming service that will feature over 10,000 MLB, NHL, MLS, tennis, and college sporting events every year. In 2019, the company will launch a Disney-branded streaming service that will offer Disney content.

It is still unclear as to when Disney plans to remove its content from Netflix. With its huge range of content, Disney stands to become a major competitor to existing streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

For Apple, this could mean that even if the company does manage to launch its own TV streaming service, it may not be able to include any Disney content.


  • Geoffrey Spencer

    First CBS coming to Canada and now Disney leaving Netflix to start their own service. Going to have too many services for people to afford.

  • They already have about 4 channels you have to pay for

  • Jay

    Never going to get another service…. long live torrents

  • Corey Beazer

    I imagine all of that would be USA only, one of the good times when its good “Canadians don’t get anything”

  • OliChabot

    this. people won’t be able to pay for Netflix, HBO go, Disney Stream, Apple Music, Spofity, CraveTV,etc…. I’d prefer that Disney stay with Netflix but is a prenium price for people to pay for this content.

  • Patrick Bouchard

    Well Disney’s content is on Netflix in Canada too, so unless they allow Netflix Canada to keep their movies, I don’t see why the service couldn’t launch here. Of course, it’s possible it doesn’t and we lose out on both…

  • Kael

    All the content that you want in one place! Everyone wants a bigger piece of pie but it fractures everything and drives people to the east solution, torrents. If they all got together and went to one premium service everyone would go there. Just make tv easy.

  • biggy1000

    Just downloaded it they pull them!

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    i do not think that will work ever once Netflix loses the rights to the movie you downloaded into your Netflix app. I suspect that it will automatically be deleted when you log back in.

  • biggy1000

    I am talking about using torrents to download them. Download HBO and any movies you can’t find…

  • biggy1000

    Yup I pay for Netflix and torrent the rest.. I gave up on all this stuff decades ago.