DockPhone Takes the Pain Out of Dialing a Number on OS X Yosemite


While Apple has added the ability to make and receive phone calls from a connected iPhone on OS X Yosemite, it seems that dialing a number on Mac isn’t as straight forward as taking a call. With DockPhone however, it’s now super easy to initiate calls as well. The $0.99 app is a simple phone dialer for OS X Yosemite, that does not require you to navigate to FaceTime to make a call (via TechCrunch).

Screenshot 2x

With DockPhone installed, you simple type a name or number into the dialog box and the app calls up Facetime in the background, connects to your iPhone and dials the number. Best of all, the app features dictation as well, meaning you don’t even have to type the name. Just click the mic button and speak the name of the person you want to call. The app does the rest of the work.

Currently, DockPhone is available for download at an introductory price of $0.99 in the Mac App Store. We highly recommend you get it at this price, even if you dial from your Mac occasionally.

Download DockPhone for Mac OS X


  • Chrome262

    you can do this through spot light as well, no app needed

  • Tim

    because dialing a phone number is so difficult …

  • Vas

    You can use Spotlight to search and call someone in your contact list, but you can’t use it as a dialer for calling numbers outside your contacts. I actually downloaded the app “Keypad” ($0.99), which addresses the lack of a dialer in OSX for those out-of-contacts calls, and the app adds a nice widget to the Notification Centre.

  • tom

    you can put in any number you want in the FaceTime app, that now has the phone icon on it now

  • websnap

    if you are not using your phone to do the dialling (maybe it’s in the other room), yes.

  • Vas

    Thanks for pointing that out…I guess I never paid attention to that. I still like the dialer pad idea in the Keypad app, and the quick access widget in the Notification Centre. For $1 at this point, it’s all about the look and feel 😉