Donald Trump: Apple Needs To Make A Larger Screen iPhone, Fast


Donald Trump, the American businessman who is the chairman and president of The Trump Organization and the founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts, has voiced his concerns over Apple’s lack of “vision” and “momentum” on Twitter today, stressing that the Cupertino company needs to introduce an iPhone with a larger display like the ones offered by its competitors like Samsung, as soon as possible, BusinessInsider reports.

Trump twitter

Trump says he dumped his Apple stock because it lacks the larger-screen option and that the company is lacking vision. Apple’s stock dropped almost 8% in after-hours trading, mainly because its iPhone sales missed expectations by a few million units. The company reported 51 million units sold, up 6.7% from the same quarter last year, but it was expected to sell between 54 and 57 million iPhones. Nonetheless, Apple, as a hardware manufacturer, is still blowing it out of the water with $13.1 billion in profit in one quarter.

As noted by TechCrunch:

“Remember, Apple’s stock has dropped the day after quarterly earnings for every earnings report, ever. This happens for a number of reasons — analyst concern over certain markets being saturated, analyst concern over competition in emerging markets, analyst concern over generally slowed growth.”

It must be pointed out that Donald Trump is the same guy who failed at 19 businesses in almost as many years, many of which have been given debt relief on the grounds that Trump can no longer be in charge of running them.


  • FragilityG4

    Donald Trump once again making ridiculous statements. “Steve Jobs is spinning in his grave” really? He opposed a larger screen right from the beginning.

  • iFone

    OMG! What a douche! What’s his position on Scumsung?
    People – Wall Street expectation DOES NOT DETERMINE IF A PRODUCT IS SUCCESSFUL OR NOT. If you follow him on Twitter, you’re a moron.

  • Russ

    Donald Trump is inept and ridiculous, but Apple has indeed lost much of it’s lustre under the helm of Tim Cook who’s just another non visionary, point dexter, numbers and cents CEO.

  • MleB1

    Yes, he’s a moron surviving on ‘famous for being famous’, but he has a point – the iPhone is running an OS that has not substantively changed in 7 years and marginal screen size changes – both of which have been left behind by other OS developers and the almost monthly releases of hardware that offer users a range of products.

  • Hammer66

    He is correct. iOs 7 was released full of flaws. The iPhone is too small without having to be a “phablet”. And, yes, I love my i-toys. It doesn’t mean you can’t see sense and have to be a fanboy.