WWE Apple TV App Goes Live in Canada and US, Offers In-App Subscriptions



Earlier this month, a Facebook post by a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) representative confirmed that a new 24/7 WWE Network app will be available as a dedicated channel on the Apple TV and as expected, the app has now gone live for users in the US and Canada, as pointed out by 9to5Mac. The new app is said to provide access to all 12 live WWE Pay-PerView events, reality shows, WWE documentaries and tons of on-demand content.

“The update appears to have hit Apple TVs (at least in the US or Canada) with the ability to access the network and purchase subscriptions. The subscription-based WWE network allows users to sign up for service directly within the Apple TV app using an iTunes account.”

WWE notes that subscriptions purchased through Apple TV are “billed as a single charge of $59.99 (plus taxes) for the six month subscription period”.

When the service was first announced by WWE in January, the executives said that it would be available directly through their website, on game consoles, and various smartphones and tablets, including the iPad. While there was no specific mention of the Apple TV, all the attendees at the service announcement were given Apple TVs to take home.

The WWE app for iPhone and iPad was also updated today with support for the new network features and more.


  • chicoquente

    Is this actually working in Canada? I don’t have an Apple TV but would get one if it means I can now access the WWE Network

  • It’s showing up in Canada here on our Apple TV. We don’t subscribe to WWE so we can’t login, but it’s there.

  • Ben

    You can sign up through the AppleTV in Canada. Works great.

  • Tom

    I signed up and now the app is gone. Anyone else?

  • Bryan

    I have the app on my apple TV but am hesitant to sign up because my understanding was it wasn’t available in Canada until late 2014 early 2015? as per WWE . Anyone having any luck?

  • WallsOfJericho316

    Still working for me. I think the safest thing is to use a US iTunes account with your AppleTV. Plus you get more selection in Netflix, access to Hulu, etc.

  • Sam

    Did the update but no WWE app…. I want to sign up

  • Keith Whittier

    Signed up for it yesterday. Now the icon is gone. Anyone in Canada having success with this and if so how?

  • chicoquente

    Any updates on this? Is it still working and accessible to you guys?