How Rumoured Dual-Lens Cameras May Work in ‘iPhone 7’ [VIDEO]


Dual camera interface 800x540

Earlier this year, Apple won a patent for a dual-lens camera system for mobile devices, followed by predictions from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that Apple’s next generation ‘iPhone 7’ may feature a dual-camera design. Based on Apple’s patent, which outlines a dual-camera system consisting of a standard wide-angle lens and a second telephoto lens, MacRumors’ Matt Gonzalez has published a video demonstrating how Apple might utilize multiple cameras in the upcoming iPhone.

Apple details in the patent that both cameras are able to be used separately, with each one capturing video or one capturing video and another taking photographs. The resulting files can be saved independently or artfully merged together using Apple’s software. Check out the following video for a better understanding of the dual-camera concept.

Last year Apple acquired Israel-based LinX Imaging, so the rumoured ‘iPhone 7’ with dual-lens camera system could be the first visible result of the company’s IP acquisition. 


  • I figure if the future generation iPhones do have two cameras, it’ll probably just be for the parallax feature.

    Parallax, essentially your “3D” background on your iPhone, when you move your phone around, the image shifts slightly as well as your overlays such as volume indicators look like their floating above your screen due to this feature. I figure it’ll be used so regular taken photos of your Dog for example, you could move your phone to get a slight 3D pop to the Dog vs Background.

    Also, it would probably help HDR work better and faster having each lense do a high and low contrast at the same time. I think realistically I could see that being all it would be used for.