eBay Users Not Happy With Redesigned iPad App


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eBay users have trashed the company’s redesigned iPad app over the last few days, as the revamped app forces shoppers to browse through products they have little interest in, Re/Code is reporting. The updated eBay app, which went live in the App store earlier this week, has already received more than 2100 user reviews and has an average rating of one and a half stars only, as opposed to previous version’s rating of four stars.

The complaints come from both the buyer and seller sides. This review sums up a lot of what people are complaining about:

“[I]t’s as if the thing has been purposely designed to make it as hard as possible for a buyer to find and watch those items that really interests him, or for a seller to see the status of his various listings.

“Before, we had a robust tool for searching, watching, bidding, and selling. Now, we have a lightweight, SkyMall-like e-catalog designed for aimless browsing and impulse buying. If you liked the old eBay app, you’ll hate this new one.”

RJ Pittman, eBay’s product head and an Apple veteran, told the source that the redesign was supposed to launch in the new year, but “positive results from an internal beta test persuaded him to push the launch” ahead into this year. He believes that the redesign was meant to help shoppers “discover the hidden gems that often go overlooked” inside eBay’s 800-million product catalogue.

It is believed that the eBay’s iPad app redesign is aimed, in part, at increasing the differentiation between eBay and Amazon, which has become the default destination for online product searches.

What are your thoughts on the redesigned eBay app for iPad?


  • ftheroux

    It is terrible. As a seller, you can’t see any relevant information about your auctions in the summary view. You have to go into each individual auction to see any information.

  • steve

    The new app is useless. I like the old one but this version has caused me to delete it. Its like a TV station moving from shows you like to a continual run of in-your-face advertising.

  • jimm

    It’s appallingly bad. I just deleted it after an automatic update ruined it

  • fcsinaz

    It’s a disaster! Luckily, I had the old app on backup and was able to restore it. I don’t know of anyone outside of eBay that has anything good to say about it. If I could rate it 0 stars, I would.

  • WarPossum101

    It’s a technical and design masterpiece. Also totally useless. And eBay doesn’t care.

    As far as I can tell, this is an attempt to ditch the online auction part of eBay’s business in order to concentrate on “shoppers.” If that’s correct, then it had the desired effect in my case. I cancelled my eBay account and deleted the app from my iPad – after 15 years of enjoyment.