Eddy Cue, Jimmy Iovine Discuss Apple Music with Jim Dalrymple


Fellow Canuck Jim Dalrymple from The Loop recently had the chance to discuss Apple Music with Eddy Cue and Jimmy Iovine at Apple headquarters yesterday.

The Apple executives discussed curation in Apple Music, Beats 1 radio and more. I think one of the most compelling features of Apple Music is Beats 1. Here’s what both Cue and Iovine had to say:

As Cue pointed out, Technology limited the ads, but it also eliminated the DJ, something many people enjoyed.

“As part of this ecosystem, what if there was a station that didn’t have any of those rules and didn’t serve any of those masters,” said Iovine. “What if it just took anything that was exciting, whether it be on Connect or a new record out of Brooklyn or Liverpool.”

“Or whether it was rock or hip hop,” added Cue.

So one of those genres could literally follow the other on Beats 1 Radio.

“It works,” said Iovine. “And it works because the DJ is in the middle explaining how it works. DJs give you context.”

So what does Beats 1 Radio compete with? Nothing, according to Iovine.
“It doesn’t compete with anything that’s out there because there’s never been anything like this,” said Iovine.

Check out the entire piece here—it’s definitely worth the read.


  • In my opinion, these guys just get it! They get music, and they get what connects people to it. Iovine knows what’s great and what people miss about the formats out there right now. “DJs give you context.” Hell ya they do, always have and always will. It’s that human touch. Listening to Zane this morning was a breathe of fresh air. Knowledgeable, brief but still informative, and playing music that is not heard on traditional radio formats back-to-back-to-back. Where can you hear the newest Pharrell, behind a classic AC/DC track? Not many local radio stations, if any, can do this. For me, so far, it suits my eclectic music tastes just great. Then you add the integration with iTunes and to be able to add the song to your library right away. Wow! I think Apple has a real winner here.