Ellen Spoof Calls iPhone 5s “A Futuristic Nightmare Come True” [VIDEO]


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It looks like the iPhone 5s spoofs continue to roll out. We’ve seen parodies from Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Kimmel along with ‘banned promos’ from YouTubers JLE. Now, it’s Ellen’s turn as her show has created a spoof which calls the iPhone 5s “a futuristic nightmare come true.” Check it out below:

The parody seems to focus more on Siri than the Touch ID feature, but it should make for a few chuckles (or not).

[via iClarified]


  • ellen

    not funny at all, it was actually pretty lame…

  • Sidney


  • Stefan Vasiljevic

    I hoped that it will be cool but I do not see anything funny. She usually is though. But not this time I guess.

  • Guest

    why are these stupid americans keep bashing their own american brand? so they want samsung to take over? :rolleye: