Enable FaceTime on iPhone 3GS with FaceIt via Cydia


Another day, and another new tweak for the iPhone 3GS. Earlier in the week we profiled how you can enable 720P HD video on your 3GS. Now, you can have a semi-FaceTime experience via a new Cydia tweak called FaceIt, from

This free tweak will enable your iPhone 3GS to receive FaceTime calls and have audio only. If both parties have My3G installed, you can have free voice calls over 3G (or you can download the free NetTalk app).

Here’s how to install FaceIt to enable FaceTime on your iPhone 3GS:

As always, use with caution when it comes to these tweaks. Users are reporting of freezing issues with this, and even restores. I would wait for an update to this tweak, or just skip it.

1. Add the source to Cydia
2. After the sources refresh, search for FaceIt and install. Reboot your 3GS.
3. Your iPhone 3GS on 4.1 will now be able to accept FaceTime calls.

Video demo below:

Let us know how this works for you.


  • lozion

    My 3GS says waiting for activation… not sure this works and it seems to be one-way only,
    you can receive but not call? Not done testing yet…

  • Visitableelf

    Doesnt appear to install. Dunno what’s wrong.

  • Kevinquan46

    Seems to be stuck at “waiting for activation”

  • Visitableelf

    Dunno what happened but when ever I rebooted my phone it froze on the Apple screen…

    Currently restoring phone now… 🙁

  • lozion

    Same here, I wish Gary or someone from iPhoenincanada would’ve tested this before posting.

  • Alsarraf M

    I have read their blog in Arabic
    They are trying to enable the camera as well.
    Good job iPhone islam

  • Kevinquan46

    Same thing happened to me too =(
    Luckily it could still sync with itunes so atleast I could back up the phone before restore

  • lozion

    How did you procede for your restore? I dont want to lose my JB & unlock.

  • Kevinquan46

    I have not yet managed to restore since I also need a jailbreak and unlock. Any help would be appreciated!

  • Create a custom restore with either PwnageTool 4.1 or redsn0w. That will jailbreak and preserve your unlock.

  • lozion

    Yeah, I had no choice to restore from my custom ipsw and re-sync everything from a back-up 🙁
    This tweak is imo immature to use. Be warned.

  • Big

    fucking islams…shit dont work

  • Fawaz1

    I have a 3gs iphone from rogers and it works fine with the facetime and i have tried it with my friend who also has a 3gs but from fido and both works great thanks iphoneislam

  • Try again and say thank you to those who gave you a free service .

  • Wonderful , works efficiently Thanks iPhoneIslam.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t be so angry, I’m sure your parents will love you soon.

  • Anonymous

    I agree, but as with all 3rd party tweaks it’s really ‘use at our own risk’ and do your research. You shouldn’t have webmasters holding your hand all the time. But yeah, an update would’ve been nice.

  • Shattle

    Same shit… It also doesn’t see itself as installed in Cydia and their repo when u’r trying to check it again! Good idea but very bad job – looks like pre-alpha version! Be aware of it at least they will make that job stable!!

  • Cammyrenard

    Hey turn off face time go to your settings and chose reset all settings. Then turn ur iPhone on then off. And then turn FaceTime back on. If your on tmobile look for updated cellular data settings.