Apple’s Next Devices to Come with “Enhanced Siri”: Digitimes


In a report detailing the upcoming artificial intelligence efforts forthcoming from smartphone companies such as Samsung, LG, Huawei and more, Digitimes also hints Apple may debut “enhanced Siri” in its upcoming devices, utilizing technology from last year’s acquisition of Australia-based machine learning startup, Turi:

Meanwhile, market sources have also indicated that Apple’s next-generation iPhone devices are likely to come with enhanced Siri.

Last fall, Apple also hired Carnegie Mellon University professor Russ Salakhutdinov, known for his AI research, to head up a team at Apple.

Everybody knows Siri is going to improve, it’s just a matter of when. Can’t wait to see what Apple comes up with—let’s hope it’s better than Siri’s current form, which has been criticized for lacking in context compared to offerings like Amazon’s Alexa or even Google’s Assistant.


  • winnertakesteve

    Siri’s parsing is done server side. How garbage is it that they would tie an enhancement to new hardware?

  • Exactly. Also, Siri has been slowly improving over time. It just hasn’t been any significantly noticeable leaps. But they could apply he changes and have them rolled out overnight if they wanted to.