This Store Offers “Enlarge Your Pants Pockets Service” for iPhone 6



A store in China is keeping a tailor on hand, offering a service to enlarge existing pants pockets for those who are having trouble fitting their iPhone 6 Plus devices in their pockets. According to BusinessInsider, this is probably just a publicity stunt, but it’s surely working, grabbing media attention all over the world.

“The iPhone 6 should fit fine in anyone’s pants, since it’s just 4.7-inches large. The iPhone 6 Plus, at 5.5-inches, is going to be a bit snug in most pants pockets”.

Previously, it has been reported that top fashion brands including Levi’s and American Eagle are already looking at re-engineering their jeans around bigger smartphones, with some specifically designing bigger pockets to fit the 5.5-inch phablet from Apple, the iPhone 6 Plus.

Are you having a problem fitting your iPhone 6 Plus in your pants pockets?


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  • Where is this service offered in Canada?

  • sukisszoze

    ..then they will try to up sell you..can’t just have one big pocket, you need to fix both pockets..ha.ha

  • Buying cargo pants would be cheaper in the long run maybe lol

  • Zeke

    I carry my iPad mini retina everyday. I wear Wrangler cargo pants and the cargo pocket is a perfect fit. There’s a flap that buttons down and keeps my iPad secure. I also carry an iPhone. My iPhone is on Bell prepaid and I get free 150 local minutes (prepaid loyalty program) and texting for $15.75 a month plus tax. My iPad mini is with Bell and my data is $20 plus tax for just under 1GB. When I compare the voice and data iPhone plans to what I’m doing, I think I’ve been saving a ton of cash. I also like having both the iPad and iPhone with me at the same time everywhere I go.

  • Yeah! We should have such service here. I mean, how am I supposed to put my iPad Mini? I need bigger pockets!

    Seriously… My 6 Plus fits in all my pockets. Plus I’m not going to screw expensive clothes with that kind of service!