Concept Imagines Apple ‘ePad’, (PRODUCT)RED iPhone X, ‘iPhone SE2’


Designer Martin Hajek has again released some concept images of what possible Apple products coming based on rumours. His latest mock ups portray products Apple could release at their education-themed event tomorrow, but in reality all we know for certain so far is probably an update to the 9.7-inch iPad.

The image below shows an “ePad”, which Stephen Hackett from 512Pixels argued for earlier this month, plus a (PRODUCT)RED iPhone X and also the mythical ‘iPhone SE2’.

Screenshot 2018 03 26 10 40 40

Hajek also released more (PRODUCT)RED iPhone X mock ups as well, including a video:

Product red iphone x

Again, there’s no guarantee we’ll be seeing any of these products tomorrow, but it’s always fun to see mock ups. Stay tuned for all of Apple’s updates here as we will bring them to you during and after the event.


  • johnnygoodface

    That green s’gonna make me sick!

  • Tyler Højberg

    The band on the iPhone X would remain silver even if the backing was red. Red stainless steel would be waaaaay too much of a manufacturing effort for a mid-cycle refresh, and Apple has never painted or vinyl-wrapped metal. I do like the form of the ‘ePad’ however. I’ve always wanted Apple to do an iPhone 6 styled body in the form factor of an iPad mini. Side note, no waaaaaay would Apple adopt a new naming scheme especially ePad because it isn’t 1998.

  • mxmgodin

    Wasn’t the slate iPhone 5 just painted on? If I remember correctly, that’s why they replaced it with Space Gray, starting with the 5S, because they had too many complaints about the paint chipping or “peeling off” the iPhone 5. And I believe that more or less the same thing happened with the matte black iPhone 7.

  • Olley

    turquoise iPad looks ugly as fack. good job.