iPhone 7 Plus Two-Camera System Put to Test at the US Open


Following the Sports Illustrated feature of iPhone 7 Plus photos, ESPN has shared the visual results of their own tests. ESPN has used the dual-lens camera of the iPhone 7 Plus to capture moments at the US Open. The results are in (see below).

As detailed in the short article accompanying the images shot with the latest Apple handset, ESPN photographer Landon Nordeman has documented the US Open “from the intimate perspective of a participant” using an unreleased iPhone 7 Plus.

The autofocus and exposure performed exceedingly well in various lighting conditions — so that even with one hand, he could get the shot. Nordeman was able to execute his signature style — surprising moments from unique perspectives, using color and composition without distracting his subjects — in a fresh way by using the phone instead of a big camera lens and flash.

Are you excited about the new iPhone 7 Plus’ two-camera system?

Usopen iphone 002

Usopen iphone 005

Usopen iphone 006

Usopen iphone 007

Usopen iphone 018

Usopen iphone 020

Usopen iphone 031


  • Kirk

    Jesus… These pictures look sharp… ????

  • Yeah, crazy to believe they’re taken from a smartphone!

  • sukisszoze

    ESPN should tell us if these were straight out of camera or not. If untouched, I’m very impressed!

  • Riddlemethis

    Is it true no ois in telephoto mode?

  • Riddlemethis

    they look doctored.

  • Riddlemethis

    It’s amazing what photoshop can do 😉

  • Riddlemethis

    Just confirmed. Ois not in telephoto mode. Next year it will be included. Galaxy 7 has the superior lens in low light. Its f1.7 vs 1.8. Apple once again is inferior to Android in terms of picture. Wait and see more comparisons in the months ahead to show how inferior iPhone is again in terms of photography. .