Even The People From Samsung’s Homeland Prefer iPhone Over Galaxy



According to a recent consumer survey of 44,168 people aged 16 to 64 years in South Korea, it appears that even the residents of Samsung’s homeland prefer Apple’s iPhone over Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones, The Telegraph reports. The survey reveals that South Koreans reported a much higher customer satisfaction with Apple iPhones than home-grown Samsung smartphones.

The survey notes that 17% of South Korean consumers reported a problem with their Apple smartphone compared to 31% who had issues with their Samsung phones. Almost 20% reported battery charging as the biggest problem with Samsung Galaxy phones, followed by LCD scratches, image or picture quality and call performance issues. On the other hand, the iPhone users reported problems related to touch and button malfunctions.

Apple is still the most successful foreign manufacturer in South Korea, and other foreign companies including Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola and HTC, have less than one per cent of market share. Two South Korean manufacturers, Pantech and LG, have around 15 per cent each.

Samsung is the most dominant phone manufacturer in its home country, with more than 65 per cent of the overall market share. The company has also had global success in recent years, with Samsung’s global market share growing rapidly to more than 30 per cent, a higher total than Apple’s share.

Despite the apparent popularity, Apple has seen a recent decline in market share in South Korea, going from 23.2% to 3.2% in three years.


  • Reality_check_777

    how old is the data in this survey? that’s a big jump from 23% to 3.2%? There will always be brand loyality amongst Koreans. It’s a no brainer. However, samsung just sucks in both reliability and most importantly in customer service in north america. perhaps things are different for the demanding koreans? apple is king in the latter in north america while samsung really seems to go out of their way to disprove what you’re issue is and to find a way not to repair or replace your device.

  • Canada

    You guys seem to focus a lot on Samsung for an iPhone blog. Quit it, it’s annoying as fuck.

  • USA

    I like hearing about what Samesung is doing, those knock off artists.

  • USA

    I lived in a Seoul for a year. Koreans are a nationalistic group, the entire country is so homogenious it’s not funny. They don’t like foreign companies. For Apple to achieve this is nothing short of amazing. All Koreans are brainwashed to believing Samsung is the best (well, they do make EVERYTHING). Koreans are easily brainwashed by companies and their government. GO APPL!!!

  • Chrome262

    The drop was because back then they were the only smart phone out there, but now samsung and others have products to offer. And yes in South Korea they will chose local product over foreign, besides they tend to be cheaper, because of tariffs and such. But the to have higher costumer satisfaction is pretty cool

  • Anthony

    It is hard to have just “Apple” news on a daily news blog. Would you rather just have one post per day or two on the blog? This blog would die in a month. LOL!

  • Anthony

    I agree. My Korean friends would always buy a Hyundai over a Mercedes or BMW any day even they can afford it. Hyundai and KIA are cooler than any other brands in their minds.