Every iPhone to Have an OLED Display By 2019 [REPORT]


As we all know by now, amidst the seemingly endless rumor mill surrounding the upcoming phone, Apple has plans to unveil an OLED iPhone 8 this year. Now, according to a new insider report, Apple is reportedly planning to switch to OLED displays for all iPhone models by 2019.

According to the insider report from The Bell, first reported by MacRumors, both Samsung Electro-Mechanics and Interflex are investing heavily in equipment to make the flexible printed circuit boards (FPCB) which will be needed for the OLED iPhones. Apple will double the adoption of OLED panels for the 2018 iPhones before completely migrating over to OLED-only models for 2019.

“Samsung Electro-Mechanics has already started to expand its Vietnam plant in the second half of the 100 billion won range,” reads the report, “and Interflex is considering investing 100 billion won in the second half of this year.”

It has also been reported previously that by 2020, Samsung would possess more than 70 percent of the global smartphone AMOLED market, so there’s further evidence that Apple will continue to rely on it.

Apple plans to introduce OLED panels to all iPhone models by 2019,” reads The Bell‘s report. “This year’s introduction accounted for only 40%, but next year it is expected to double to 80% and 100% next year.”

While Apple is only said to be producing around 60 million OLED units this year—roughly 40 percent of total iPhones—the report claims Apple “aims to use OLED for all its new iPhones by 2019.”

Only the ‘iPhone 8’ this year will come with an edge-to-edge 5.8-inch OLED display, while the rumoured iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus are said to retain LCD displays.


  • OliChabot

    when we know some flagship phones offer this since 2015 and that the battery life on the iPhone is (in my opinion) one of its main issue, we can assume that Apple is falling behind on this and should innovate more… Remember when Apple introduced Retina display ?

  • Jay

    wireless charging…waterproofing… face recognition unlock…

    apple has been falling behind for a while now -_-

  • hlna55

    EXACTLY. And… don’t be afraid to spend more for this phone either.

  • hlna55

    What will the battery life be like when the phone isn’t driving 1920×1080 resolution

  • Flash

    I don’t see how you guys think Apple is falling behind? Iphones don’t have any less or more battery life than the competition, sure there are some phones that get more but it’s not on the scale of “all Samsung models get more battery life”. The same goes for wireless charging, waterproofing, facial recognition and even fingerprint – name one brand that has all of those features and has had them continuously on all models going forward. Out of those brands, where are they used as key features, or where they just are a gimmick? Apple has rarely adopted a technology until it was sure the market was ready to use it as a prime feature. Remember when LTE was new, and Samsung had it first – yet it wasn’t for like 2 years that networks actually started supporting it….why put in a tech when it isn’t ready?

    Apple isn’t falling behind, it’s keeping pace with every current phone out there and adoption rates of the new techs is much higher that on competitors.