ExxonMobil Expands Apple Pay to the Pump, Canadians Can Dream [VIDEO]



Using the free Speedpass app, customers can now use Apple Pay to buy gas at 6,000 ExxonMobil locations across the U.S. This would allow the customers to fill their tanks without even getting out of their cars at any full-service station, TechCrunch is reporting.

Unfortunately though, there is no word as to when, if ever, Canadians will be able to use Apple Pay for buying gas, as right now pumps with contactless American Express support is not widely available.

“Even if you have to leave your vehicle to use the pump, ExxonMobil suggests that this will reduce your time outside in unsafe locations and inclement weather.  (If you’ve ever suffered an East Coast winter, you know that minimizing your time outside is key to survival). The easy-to-use app also stores and emails receipts. It can also be used to purchase car washes”.

Check out the video below (via CNET) to see how Apple Pay works at ExxonMobil. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section.


  • MGSayah

    In Canada, we already have “PayPass” and “PayWave” technology at a lot of gas stations… It’s nothing new here, we’re just missing Apple Pay to work on Canadian MasterCard and Visa. Also Exxon is just making it more complicated by adding an extra step.

  • Olley

    Esso has Speedpass for years… works faster than this crap.

  • Peter

    Loved the experience! Tried it in Halifax, NS and I was nicely surprised.
    Unfortunately, it still doesn’t support Apple Pay. works fine though when credit card added in the app.

  • Jason Reid

    Costco gas now has paypass. It’s super quick. I’m thinking it would be faster than apple pay unless you have it ready. Seems faster to get my CC out of my wallet. That being said I totally would use apple pay exclusively it was connected to my Costco MasterCard or CIBC debit and Visa.

  • MGSayah

    Not only is it faster to tap your card, but it’s also safer. Both using a phone and smoking a cigarette at the pump could cause a fire, so I’m not sure it’s a good idea to allow Apple Pay at the pump, considering people will probably just keep their phone in their hands after having paid instead of storing it in their car or pocket.

  • Jason Reid

    I don’t think smartphones can cause a spark unless of course your battery I’m not sure of this but for some reason I think this has been proven to be a myth. Just like using your cell phone during takeoff or landing in a plane. All horse pucky. But still, tapping dat is definitely faster for sure.

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