[Updated] Facebook Announces iPhone App–Now Live


Update 1: it’s now available in the App Store!

Facebook 3.3.1:
– Groups: share photos and posts with small groups of friends
– Deals: discover great deals around you
– Places: tag more friends after you check in, add photos
– Various bug fixes

Today Facebook announced their popular iPhone app will be getting an upgrade. Facebook had invited the media for an announcement today at their headquarters. They also announced that Android owners would be getting their app up to speed.

As reported by Techcrunch:

The iPhone application, which Zuckerberg says is on the “vast majority of iPhones” is getting the recently-revamped Groups feature. The iPhone app is also getting an updated Places feature. First, the iPhone app is getting improved tagging — it will now be easier to tag your friends into a venue. Places is also making it easier to add photos alongside a checkin.

Check for this new update today, and let us know if you spot this in the App Store.



  • Oh, I was hoping it was going to get some features I’d use!

    The release to reload feature that they swiped from Hootsuite is awesome, though, that was the last update with a neat feature.

  • Diraj Goel

    now… if they would only spend sometime updating the app to support the iPad. Seriously… its only the fastest selling gadget of all time.

  • guest

    “We’re launching single sign-on on Android right now, and here’s a preview on the iPhone.”
    “Today we’re launching an update to the Android SDK, and soon we’ll update the iPhone SDK.”

    The iPhone app upgrade will not be available today at all.

  • Anonymous

    No kidding. The browser version is ok but a full sized iPad app would be better.

  • U96178

    It’s available now. I’ve upgraded my copy.

  • guest

    My mistake, it really is there today. There messaging was confusing.

  • Anonymous

    It’s up now in the app store, I just downloaded it.

  • are groups working for anyone? Says I’m not a member of any which is not true!

  • SF

    Zuckerberg confirmed they are not making an app for it.

  • Xywix

    yay its out!!..go update ur fb app…i ust finihsd reading this artivle, i look at the app store & its there!

  • The update is in the App Store as we speak. 🙂

  • Nhuey69

    Is there anyone still experiencing issues with notifications not coming in? I have the following specs.

    iPhone 4
    JB 4.1 (GreenPoison)
    Tested with installing Push Doctor/Push Fix but still having issue.

    Google search shows a handful of people experiencing this. Anyone else? I upgraded and still have this issue. Regular notifications are fine (Email, SMS, Kik, etc).

  • Masterclasslady

    The upgrade is a big stinkeroo! I couldn’t upload a photo with caption via my IPhone. Worked fine before the upgrade. Go figure!