Facebook is Shutting Down its News App Paper on July 29



Today, Facebook announced that it will be shutting down its news-reading app Paper. The application was introduced in 2014 as an alternative to the main Facebook app, featuring a sleek layout with a complete focus on showcasing articles.

As unexpected as the announcement may be, it shouldn’t come as a surprise considering that last year Facebook shuttered Creative Labs, the design team behind Paper.

According to a message that is only being displayed on the app, which was only available for iOS in the United States, it will no longer be supported as of July 29. The message reads as follows:

“We know that Paper really resonated with you — the people who used it,” reads the farewell message on Paper, “so we’ve tried to take the best aspects of it and incorporate them into the main Facebook app.”

In other words, thank you for using it, but it’s time to go back to the real Facebook app.



  • Matt

    If only they could do this with the stupid messenger standalone app….

  • Scøtt D Kauppinen

    Guess i Won’t be using Facebook at all come July 29, Paper was the only “usable” version, I’m not installing the power sucking one

  • dudemaster

    And then there were 3.
    1 – Facebook app
    2 – Messenger
    3 – Moments

  • iverge

    Facebook needs stop trying to be everything!

  • karinatwork

    The only good thing every coming out of the FB camp. Geez. No ads, large photos, comments visible right away – it was a joy to use.