Facebook Launches Marketplace in Canada, Lets Users Buy or Sell Goods



Facebook is launching its Marketplace in Canada, giving users the option to buy or sell physical goods in their community.

Marketplace is essentially like a Craigslist but within Facebook’s large social networking platform. Users can upload a photo and caption of what they want to sell or they can search for items within a certain geographical area and browse by category.

Once a buyer finds the item they want to purchase, they can send the seller an offer through direct message and arrange an exchange after agreeing on a price.

More than 550 million people visit buy-and-sell Facebook groups around the world. As a reaction to user interest, Marketplace launched in Canada on Thursday, after launching in four countries in October 2016.

The benefit of using Marketplace is having potential access to a larger network of people in a smaller community, plus the added security of knowing the other person is connected to a Facebook account instead of being a random username or e-mail address.

[via Global News]


  • Phil

    they had marketplace a long while back and it was full of scammers, hopefully this doesn’t happen again.

  • johnnygoodface

    How do I get there? It’s not an app, nor can I see in Facebook on iOS…