Facebook for iOS Launches ‘Profile Videos’ for Users in Canada


Last fall, Facebook announced it was testing profile videos for users, instead of static images, as part of testing within small groups in the UK and California. The ability to have a looping video instead of a profile picture just looks cool.

As of yesterday, the feature has started to roll out for Facebook iOS users in Canada, as a notification now asks users to “Bring Your Profile to Life” with a profile video:

IMG 2300

Facebook says short, looping videos will be available for anyone to see who visits your profile and adds “a new dimension” to profiles.

How to add a profile video to your Facebook?

Launch the Facebook iOS app, go to your profile page, then tap the ‘Edit’ icon on your profile picture (which now flashes between a camera and video camera icon).

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From here, you’ll then have new options to “Take a New Profile Video” or “Upload Video”. Either take a new video or choose one from your Photos library and bam, that’s it.

IMG 2301

Let us know if you decide to update your profile picture to a profile video instead.


  • winnertakesteve

    I know lots of people will love this, and that I’m not the target audience… But ugh… More auto playing crap.

    Luckily Facebook is super battery efficient so this at least shouldn’t be an issue there. /s

    Ps thanks for fixing the safari scrolling issue on the iPhone in Canada main page 🙂

  • If ‘millennials’ (love using this word) ever come back from Snapchat, they may want to utilize this feature!

  • Corey Hoffarth

    Hmm I’ve been using this for two weeks now

  • mxmgodin

    I’ve had the option rolled out on my phone months ago. Never tried it though, not really interested in that feature for now.

  • Alex

    This is old news and its been available for like 2-3 months

  • It’s the first we’ve seen it and we’re on the Facebooks daily. Thanks for letting us know months ago, you filthy animals 🙂