Alleged ‘iPhone 8’ Dummy Tries to Pass as Real Deal with Touch ID on the Back [PICS]


With ‘iPhone 8’ expected this fall, many believe Touch ID will be embedded into the rumoured edge-to-edge OLED display. But other rumours have claimed Touch ID could make its way to the back of the device.

Benjamin Geskin, who has been posting alleged ‘iPhone 8’ leaks on Twitter, has shared what he calls are fake pictures of an iPhone 8 dummy showing Touch ID on the back. The dummy unit looks cheaply made, but is worth taking a look at since the images are clear and for discussion purposes:

Iphone 8 dummy

Here’s another angle:

Iphone 8 dummy touch ID

More from the side:

Iphone 8 dummy side touch ID

This image of the alleged front just looks…bad:

Iphone 8 dummy front

Geskin reaffirmed his claims the following mockup is what the next iPhone design will entail, with cutouts along the front display for the FaceTime camera, speaker and sensors:

Iphone 8 mock up

Again, we have no idea what iPhone 8 will entail, but rumours point to a 5.8-inch OLED display, lack of Home button and wireless charging.


  • FragilityG4

    Why do you think the image of the alleged front looks bad? Is it because the screen is without a true edge to edge or is it because of the reflection of the trees?

  • Kirk

    Wow the Touch ID on the back will not happen (at least like that). That looks so ugly…. and if apple wanted to do that for whatever reason they would execute it a lot better then that mess. The front display top part looks ugly and unbalanced. Yes I see where they’re going with the real estate thing but with the camera section in the middle cut out and the screen still going up along the sides it looks like a screen protector is just placed over it. That’s a bad design choice. I don’t think Apple would keep something like that . They would smooth out the top. I’m Speaking about the picture at the bottom, the last one

  • B C

    One way to do the back Touch ID would be to integrate it into the logo. Only clean way to do it in the back.

  • Leo

    looks like potato…

  • Kevin D.

    5.8? Other leaks show the iohone 8 between the 7 and 7 plus size, im hoping for a 5 inch!