Android Users Go Thermonuclear on Apple’s Move to iOS App

Apple’s first-ever Android app ‘Move to iOS’, aimed at helping users switch from Android to iOS, is being slammed by ‘fAndroids’ on Google Play store with thousands of 1-star reviews. The app went live yesterday in order to help Android users transfer their contacts, photos, and other data over to an iOS device. However, merely a few commenters seem to have actually used the app, while most are just using the reviews section to go thermonuclear on Apple in general.

Screen Shot 2015 09 18 at 12 48 52 am

The above screenshot, taken from Google Play store is self explanatory. If you go through the reviews, you’ll notice that majority of them are complaining about iPhone battery life, overpriced Apple Watches, ‘iSheep’ and everything else not related to the app itself. Goes to show how lame these fAndroids truly are, seriously!

Let’s see what kind of reception the Apple Music app for Android gets once it goes live in the Google Play store later this year.

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  • So sad to see all that…. I think every type of store rating should be only possible if you bought the services, the apps. How can you rate something if you didn’t use it ? It’s funny how Android fan boy fears and have to react like this and be aggressive about Apple… Oh well… sad…

  • FragilityG4

    They could download it and then rate it .. But yes very sad.

  • Asmodath

    I am an Apple user and very much enjoy my iPhone 6+ That being said, the fAndroids do make one good point, Apple’s current App Development Rules, prevent any such app from ever entering their App Store. So it is entirely hypocritical and ridiculous. Same on Apple and Google should scrap the Apple app from the Play Store on principle alone. My 2 cents anyway ????

  • TrickyDickie

    Perhaps not so many will be switching after all lol

  • Steve

    The Apple closed garden does seem to prevent malicious apps, something I’m happy about.

  • Steve

    After I get my new iPhone 6s+, I will be using this much maligned app to move my wife from a Nexus 4 to my old iPhone 5s. Thanks Apple. Lol.

  • Salinger

    Is there any editing/vetting of articles on this site before they’re published?

    “Goes to show how lame these fAndroids truly are, seriously!” It’s one thing for the comments to devolve into this kind of childish mud slinging, but to be part of the published article itself? It doesn’t exactly do much to refute the stigma of “iSheep”.

  • Asmodath

    That part is true, however that’s not what I was referring to. They actually have rules in place for developing apps that prevent any app that refers to, endorses or otherwise mentions a competing platform – ie: Android. Therefore a similar app to move to Android from iOS can’t happen. That is hypocrisy at its worst. That is what I don’t like.

  • FragilityG4

    People can call me iSheep as much as they want … fAndroid is much funnier! Oh and yeah … Apple Music is very complex to use ……

  • FragilityG4

    But any such app wouldn’t work because iOS is closed. Besides Google has an Android Wear app in the store. Hypocrisy? Yup but that’s business. If Google wants they can pull the Apple app but at this point since they already let it in it probably wouldn’t look good.

  • Steve

    It’s absolutely hypocritical but then again Apple wouldn’t deny that.