Apple Wants You to Pick Your Favourite Apple Watch Models Ahead of Pre-Orders


Want to prepare for the Apple Watch launch? The online Apple Store website for Apple Watch has a favourite option, which allows customers to add choices to a Favourites list saved to your account. The premise is you’ll have your top picks in one place so when it comes time for pre-ordering on April 10, you’ll be ready:

Choose your favourites by clicking the heart icon next to those models. They’ll be saved in your account so you can compare them and be ready for pre-order.

Screenshot 2015 03 10 11 17 24

How to pick favourites? Just navigate to an Apple Watch that you like and click the ‘heart’ icon in the top right corner. Once selected, the heart icon will turn solid blue to indicate it’s been chosen.

Screenshot 2015 03 10 11 17 52

From here, if you go to your account and then Favourites, you’ll see your Apple Watch picks–below are our top picks right now (it’ll be a game day decision on which one we’ll get):

Screenshot 2015 03 10 11 18 43

According to our unscientific Apple Watch poll (with just over 530 votes so far), 43% of you said you will not be buying Apple Watch, followed by 18% picking the 42mm Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band and 6% for the same model in 38mm. 4% of you want the 42mm stainless steel model with Milanese Loop, while just under 5% said they wanted the 42mm dark stainless steel link bracelet.


  • JP

    This is also a perfect way for Apple to know the potential demand for one type of Apple Watch or another. I suspect they can also estimate targets by region based on a person’s favourite pick.

  • Chrome262

    based on the pole here looks like black with black is going to be in short supply, regardless of size. When i went in and looked over the sport ones, it didn’t give me the option of band size. I am assuming its because the sports band has better sizing range?

  • The Sport model says there are two bands in the box. So I am assuming it comes with a S/M and M/L band.