Federal Justice Minister to Consider Criminalization of Distracted Driving


According to a new report from Global News, Federal Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould said that she is willing to discuss the criminalization of distracted driving. This would mean treating distracted driving offenses in a similar manner to impaired driving.

Multiple provinces, including Quebec, British Columbia, and Manitoba, have all said that they would be willing to consider the change.

Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould said that she will be meeting with her provincial counterparts next month to discuss the issue. She has appeared to have switched her point of view after Quebec’s premier called on her government to make distracted driving a crime under the Criminal Code of Canada.

The demand for stiffer consequences has been rising over the past year as the number of deaths caused by distracted drivers continues to increase at an alarming rate. In some provinces, the number of deaths caused by distracted driving has surpassed those caused by drunk driving.


  • Mario Gaucher

    This is a good thing. Hopefully this will happen really soon… I see too much distracted drivers everyday…

  • Micheal Lambert

    I completely agree with this and have been recommending this for some time. For those who disagree it’ll take just one incident involving a loved one for you to truly understand the consequences of distracted driving.

  • SpeeRacer99

    Automatic driver’s licence suspension for distracted driving. Automatic 1 Year ban on first offense. 2nd offense 3 year ban. Third offence, 10 year ban. After that is lifetime ban. With such a serious issue at hand, this will stop people, I hope.

  • pc1234

    I hope they stop people from eating big mac’s in the car to go with this. These are distracting and cause heart attacks.