Fibaro Unveils Apple HomeKit-Enabled Flood, Motion and Door/Window Sensors


Fibaro, a company that creates intelligent home automation products, has announced a brand new lineup of Apple HomeKit-enabled devices at CES.


Fibaro’s Flood Sensor is outfitted with water-detecting probes and an ambient temperature sensor. The company’s battery-powered Motion Sensor can track movement, temperature and light intensity. The Door/Window Sensor is designed to monitor whether a door, window, or drawer is opened or closed. The device also comes with a built-in temperature sensor. Customers will be able to view the status of the sensor in Apple’s Home app, in addition to asking Siri.


All three sensors use Bluetooth LE and feature an LED indicator that can be used to signal various changes. For instance, the motion sensor has an eye-shaped LED indicator that changes colour to signal motion, temperature level, and any sign of tampering. All three sensors can be configured and connected to Apple’s HomeKit through the Fibaro app on iOS.


Apple and Fibaro seem to have somewhat addressed the problems of integrating sensing devices with voice controlled systems. How the sensors themselves perform remains to be seen.

All three sensors will be available in the United States by the end of 2016. Retail pricing for the Fibaro Flood Sensor is $69.99, the Motion Sensor is also $69.99 and the Door/Window Sensor is $59.99. The company has said that the products will expand to other countries where HomeKit is offered over time.


  • johnnygoodface

    About the Flood Sensor: got a response from a sale rep on Jan 2nd: “We hope to have it available in Canada in the next two weeks. For now they are available on NewEgg and Amazon USA.” Can’t wait! I plan to install a electric valve on my main water intake and shut if off if any of the sensors detect a water leak.

  • SV650

    I’d like to see a valve that was geofenced. Every time I leave home, the water is turned off.

  • Jay

    Only good if you are the only person living in the home.

  • sukisszoze

    Where do you get the electric valve from? Sounds like a good idea to have it shut off automatically if there’s a leak!

  • johnnygoodface

    And even then, you might wanna be cautious of your water heater being deprived of water too long. This valve should be turned off only on emergencies. You can find such valves on From those kits, you have to be creative and combine it with an iHome iSP5 module for example.