Fido iPhone X Pre-Orders Launching November 1st [u]


Fido has announced it will carry iPhone X for customers after all, as pre-orders will launch next week on November 1st, in time for the smartphone’s November 3rd launch. Parent company Rogers launched iPhone X pre-orders this morning, along with Telus and Bell.

A Fido spokesperson confirmed the news to iPhone in Canada, saying “Our customers expressed strong interest in the device and we’re delighted to now be carrying it.”

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Fido customers will be able to reserve iPhone X through the company’s reservation system at, starting November 1st, for in store pick up when devices are available.

Also, Fido partners such as Apple and Best Buy will also be able to handle pre-orders as well.

Back in September, Fido was unable to confirm iPhone X availability to customers and informed them they would not carry the device, despite rivals Koodo and Virgin doing so. But now that has all changed, starting November 1st.

Are you going to get iPhone X from Fido?

Update: Pre-orders will take place on November 1st, not the 3rd as stated.


  • My 1/2 cents

    Talk about lack of credibility on behalf of Fido. They couldn’t just say we have no information instead of denying that they’re getting the X.

  • Interesting. I’ll have to take another look at what subsidies my plan will allow. This may be good news, although I’m still not happy with how they’ve handled the whole thing.

  • It’s Me

    Not positive but I seem to remember Fido doing this same flip flop for another model (maybe the 4?).

  • Dominic

    Somebody knows exacly at what time they’re gonna launch it?

  • Diego

    Don’t even bother with Fido, even if you buy the phone at full price from them, it will come locked, what a ripoff

  • Diego

    I talked to them through twitter and they specifically told me that it would be locked and that they “don’t even have the details when it comes to the status (locked or unlocked) for phones purchased after December 1st” and they basically sent me to buy it from Apple

  • Hosaka

    Too bad. Make sense from their point of view though. Stops resellers with Fido accounts and keeps the devices reserved for Fido new or existing customers

  • Sam

    is the phone for pre-order going to be out tonight at 12:01am pst or a dif time? any update

  • Ho

    iPhone X reservation is now live.

    Silver 256GB,… position 3

  • Bradley Smith

    They launched it earlier than 7am EST as announced. I got position 20 for the same model. Not sure what that really means for when to get it.

  • Hosaka

    Must’ve been sometime between 6:10am and 6:45am (Eastern Time). I got mine reserved at about 6:50am. Grey 256GB. 22nd position.

    Pretty good considering my last iPhone reservation (iPhone 6 128GB) was position 35 back in 2013.

  • Arvind Bala

    Reserved a 256 GB Silver.. position 12. No idea when Fido will be shipping it to the store.
    Planning on buying it full price with some fido dollars.

  • Dominic

    Reserved mine at 6:50am too. Silver 64gb, position 6. I ordered another one from Apple for shipping nov. 21-28th. I’m gonna see which one got here first!

  • Ash Gate

    Exactly at 6:30 EST (I was constantly checking). I am Silver 256 position 5.

  • Arvind Bala

    Gary and others, have you heard if Best Buy is planning on selling iphone X’s under a Fido contract? Thanks.

  • Doesn’t look like it right now on their website. Maybe soon they will add Fido.

  • Wow

    As of 1:43pm PST, 256GB Grey is No. 272, and silver is No. 177. Number seems low compare to previous iPhone release. I remember it went as high as 1500. Looks like phone pricing and Fido expensive plan made a huge impact.

  • Hosaka

    And being indecisive if they were not going to carry the iPhone X to changing their minds (seeing the demand for it) and doing pre-orders at almost last minute.