Find My iPhone Helps Calgary Man Locate Stolen iPhone


If you lose your iPhone, you need to ensure you’ve setup Find my iPhone. This service was previously part of MobileMe’s annual $109 subscription fee, but recently became free of charge thanks to Apple.

Dave Crooks had his iPhone 4 stolen in Calgary, and Find my iPhone came to the rescue. Dave had his vest taken at his daughter’s hockey practice and used Find my iPhone to locate his precious iPhone 4.

That’s when Crooks remembered he’d signed up for MobileMe, a $100 Apple service that enabled his phone with a GPS locator application. Unable to go anywhere because the thieves also had his keys, Crooks phoned his wife at home and had her log into his account.

“She said, ‘Oh, my God, your cellphone is now driving down the Deerfoot Trail,’ ” said Crooks, who called police and put them into action.

For the next couple of hours, Crooks’s cellphone was tracked across the north end of the city, stopping at CrossIron Mills mall, where he feared the thieves might be using his credit cards.

It took several hours, but police eventually stopped a vehicle.

Inside its trunk, officers found Crooks’s vest, complete with keys, wallet — and of course, the phone.

Crooks said he even listened in — using a friend’s cellphone — as police questioned a woman about what happened before making an arrest.

“She was surprised,” said Crooks, adding he was “giddy” when that happened.

If you haven’t setup Find my iPhone, you should. It’s free for iPhone 3GS/4 users. Follow our guide here.

[Calgary Herald]


  • Great story. It almost makes me want to install 4.2.1… except I need a working untethered jailbreak.

  • Find My iPhone is only free for a 3GS if you also have a 4th-gen device, correct? Your last statement seems to imply otherwise.

  • Anonymous

    And of course, Apple forgot that 3G users might also find this feature handy… But I guess if our phones get stolen, we’ll just buy a new one right?

  • Anonymous

    This is of course only works if the culprits don’t turn off your phone.

    To prevent that, I installed iGotYa from a cydia repository. (I think it’s $4.99). If someone enters your lock code incorrectly it takes a picture (with your front facing camera) and e-mails it to you along with some approximate GPS location. It also supports an ability to not be able to switch off your phone if it’s in the “locked state”.

    With the combination of iGotYa and Find My iPhone it would be hard for someone to get away with stealing my phone….. i hope 🙂

  • Not if they were armed with a paperclip. 😉

  • Not if they were armed with a paperclip. 😉

  • Andregh120

    The post mentions he listened in on the arrest. My version of FindMy… Doesn’t have that. How do I enable that?

  • marie

    ya u should because ur phone is crap

  • ward09

    I has only become crap since iOS 4. Any 3G running an earlier iOS is still an awesome phone.

  • Abc

    it is not free for 3GS

  • ward09


  • Anonymous

    Dammit Gary! *cries*
    Let’s just hope by the time they decide to remove my sim card I already have a picture and location.

    Super glue might work… lol. j/k!

  • Igotmail604

    Its free for 3gs if you have 4.2.1 firmware running. just create an Apple ID on a iPhone4 and use it on your 3gs.
    I believe you can make up to 3-4 Apple ID on a iPhone 4 so use them wisely

  • Kirk Armstrong

    What a great story and happy ending. You know steve’s ego is just going to get bigger for this lol.