Find My iPhone Now Accessible On iPhone Safari

MobileMe subscribers will be happy to know that the Find My iPhone now works on Mobile Safari. Apple’s MobileMe support page now has the following info:

Accessing with your iPhone/iPod touch allows you access to the following items:

* A link to setup instructions for setting up Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Find my iPhone on your iPhone/iPod touch.
* A link to use Find My iPhone from a friend’s iPhone/iPod touch if you need to locate your lost iPhone/iPod on a map, display a message, play a sound, or remotely lock or wipe it.

That’s right folks. You can now access Find My iPhone on within Mobile Safari to locate your lost phone, send a message, play a sound, or do a remote lock/wipe. We’ve been waiting for this for a long time! You will no longer need to hunt down a laptop to track a lost or stolen iPhone!

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  • rorypiper

    Ummmm, if you have lost your iPhone, what good is this feature? You would still have to track down down another iPhone or iPod Touch to use this, right?

    I can tell you where your iPhone is…IT'S IN YOUR HAND!! ;-P

  • Flaxx

    Well, the probability of finding someone with an ipod touch or iphone is MUCH higher than finding someone with a laptop that is either tethered or has a 3g stick. most of my friends have iphone's so this feature would be great, especially since finding the phone would likely require chasing it down, like the following story:

    I'm just shocked that it took them this long to roll this out! I think it's a real cheek that apple doesn't provide this service for free or at least allow you to sign up for free and then pay say $20 for 3 days of tracking in the event that you lose your phone.

  • iphonerepair

    its seems to be very useful in terms of security ,

  • iphonerepair

    its seems to be very useful in terms of security ,

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