Find My iPhone Comes to the Rescue After Man Recycles iPhone into Compost


A Saanich man has Find my iPhone to thank after the app was able to successfully locate and recover his missing iPhone. After noticing his iPhone was missing, the man was unaware whether it was lost or stolen. So along with Saanich Police, the Find my iPhone tracked the smartphone moving around town–on a truck from a local organic composting company:

“It’s interesting that the officers were being updated with the info as the truck was moving around,” said Saanich police spokesman Sgt. Steve Eassie.

The stopped truck was loaded with compost bins, so in order to find the iPhone, officers moved each bin and waited to see if there was real-time movement within Find my iPhone. Eventually the phone was located in the compost and was returned to the owner, undamaged. It turned out when he emptied his food tray at a restaurant at Uptown, his iPhone went along for the ride into the compost bin (Note to self: never use a compost bin ever, ever again.).

Sgt. Eassie says the police force receives numerous missing and stolen cellphone calls, but “can’t always easily intervene” unless locator apps such as Find my iPhone are available.

Find my iPhone was updated last December to include driving directions to device locations, making it easier to track down lost devices. Have you ever accidentally recycled your iPhone?

[via Times Colonist]


  • Glad they were able to help him, but seriously, couldn’t he just do that himself. Don’t the police have actual criminals to find?

  • Jase

    if i was one of the officers helping to track the phone and found out it wasn’t actually stolen but accidentally thrown in the trash, i’d probably drop it on the road “accidentally” before handing it back to the owner.

  • I’m assuming he thought it was stolen at the time and did not want to confront the thief without police. But yeah…Victoria is a safe place!

  • Is that you Denzel from Training Day?

  • crosseyed_mofo

    I hope you arent actually a cop o_0

  • Jason

    LOL. Thats Awesome