Find Out How Siri Looks Like In Real Life [Must See Video]


We all know Siri as a digital voice assistant app in iOS, introduced by Apple for the first time with iPhone 4S. However, creators of famous American sitcom The Big Bang Theory have given us some idea of how this (sexy) voice assistant might look like in real life. The video clip is taken from Episode 14 of Season 5 of the show (via FSM) and is definitely a must see for every Siri user.

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  • Rurounikenshin8x

    Thumb up if you can’t watch this video on your iphone or ipad 🙂

  • Sorry dude, just you. Works fine in safari.

  • Anonymous


  • BB

    That laugh track through out the whole show has got to stop. Funny stuff tho.

  • Anonymous

    Lololol,so funny.

  • MrTran

    hahaha the guy is dreaming about siri

  • Kraken

    And I thought Siri was an older middle-aged woman.  LMAO

  • sp

    lol total thumbs up for watching this on my playbook lol

    this part totally made me lol

  • Frankie

    Love to have THAT Siri in my home 🙂 I’d never leave home or my iPhone!

  • Frankie

    Especially with that attitude!

  • ThtGuy

    Could you imagine? Fooling around with Siri.
    “Sorry, you are nowhere near any g-spot try again later”
    “would you like me to set a reminder for you to go to the clinic”
    “Siri, open the pod bay doors” “you’re not even going to buy me a drink first”
    “I’m sorry I do not understand ‘get me a sandwich'”
    Lol anyone with any funny sexy Siri dialogue?

  • 9ein

    OK, the love for this show has got to stop. This is horrendously unfunny. It’s shows like this and 2 and a half men the lower the IQ of everyone.

    I hate this show.

  • Anonymous

    <3 TBBT!

  • Max300

    I’m watching it on a mac… U Jelly?

  • Hanen

    Sho your self when i tell you to

  • Hanen

    I have her on my 5g iPod 🙂 :$