How to Easily Find Stores that Accept Apple Pay in Canada (Like Tim Hortons)


Canadians with US-issued credit cards approved for Apple Pay have already been using the service at the plethora of NFC terminals we have here, such as at places like Tim Hortons or Starbucks.

All you have to do is download the MasterCard Nearby iOS app, as it lists all nearby merchants that accept the credit card’s PayPass contactless payment, which means it’ll also accept Apple Pay from your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

IMG 0572 reader Ellard has already been using his US-issued credit card at Tim Hortons, as shown below:

Apple pay tim hortons

Again, if you have an Apple Pay approved US credit card, here’s how you can set it up in Canada to make mobile payments with your iPhone.

Have you been using Apple Pay in Canada? How has the experience been so far?


  • Shawn beals

    So what your saying is that any place that has MasterCard paypass will support apple pay?

  • Flash


  • Yes as the terminals are nfc

  • sarge

    With a US credit card only…ApplePay uses NFC, which is the same technology as Visa Paywave, MC Paypass and whatever Amex’s equivalent is..

  • ericzchu

    Now we need a guide on how to get US credit card while in Canada!

  • Eric

    What if we buy a prepaid us visa from a U.S. bank? Can we use that….

  • bspence88

    Most places accept tap-to-pay now. Even my ZAGG kiosks do. Can’t wait to get my US-issued card in the mail to try it out.

  • jonezora

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  • Etus

    How can you get US-issued card?

  • bspence88

    I happen to have a US social security number from a business I used to own in the states. I used that along with my mailbox address.