The First Apple HomeKit Compatible Device Starts Shipping


August Smart Lock, an electronic lock that provides keyless entry into the home and takes advantage of Apple’s new HomeKit software for controlling connected devices in a house, is one of the first Apple HomeKit compatible devices to ship, Re/Code reports. The device, which debuted last year, allows people to unlock their doors using an iOS app instead of a key.


The Smart Lock basically replaces the interior portion of an existing deadbolt lock and opens whenever you, a house guest or the cleaner approaches with the right virtual key stored in the smartphone app. According to August’s co-founder and CEO Jason Johnson, he has spent the last year making sure that his electronic lock would work with any of the deadbolts sold at Sears, Home Depot or elsewhere.

“Instead of replacing locks on the door, we wanted it to work with existing locks and only install on the inside of the door,” Johnson said. “We had to buy hundreds of deadbolt locks … We went to many homes, studied the many shapes and types of deadbolt locks out there, and came up with a solution.” August intends to be fully compatible with HomeKit, the home automation software the Cupertino technology giant unveiled in June at its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

August Smart Lock will start shipping in limited quantities this week; their introductory pre-order price of $199 has ended, as the new retail price of $249.99 is now in effect.


  • Leafs

    Can someone please explain this description to me?

    “… takes advantage of Apple’s new HomeKit software for controlling connected devices in a house, is one of the first Apple HomeKit compatible devices to ship”

    What makes this software so special anyways? For example the Belkin WeMo switches you can operate with your phone, but those aren’t taking advantage of Apples Homekit software is it?

  • o_clement

    I might be wrong on this but from what I understand:

    Without homekit support:
    If you want to control your WeMo hardware, you need to download their app and interact with the hardware through it

    Then, if you want to control your Philips Hue lighting, you need another App compatible with Hue’s protocol

    And so on

    With HomeKit Support:
    You could have a single app to control whatever you need, even if they all use different protocols.

    You can see HomeKit as a way to catch all kind of signals and aggregate them all and have them speak the same language

  • fredf

    Except from why i can see there is no wifi and, therefore, no internet (and thus no Homekit) connection. I’ve sent them an email to clarify if this is true.

    BTW: as usual, iphoneincanada is late to the game. The introductory $199 has already expired.

  • Actually you’re wrong. From Re/code:

    The smart lock company was one of the initial partners in Apple’s HomeKit certification program, which also included Philips, maker of the connected Hue Lux light bulb, and thermostat maker Honeywell. The certification process, which would ensure that any connected home device would work with Apple’s new mobile operating system, has yet to be completed.

    We’ve updated the article to reflect the current pricing–thanks Fred.

  • Leafs

    So basically Apple is going to have their own App that will be able to control these devices all from that App? As long as they are an “Apple HomeKit compatible device”? That is the only plus side to this?

    If a device was not an “Apple HomeKit compatible device” they could still make and App for it and still let you control it from you Apple device technically?

  • fredf

    Yup. That’s all Homekit offers…a single unifying app instead of a different app for each device.

  • fredf

    I scoured the August Lock website and while they repeat endlessly that no WiFi is required, they also make absolutely no mention of being WiFi enabled. In fact they don’t show any internet connectivity at all.
    Perhaps there will be but if there is no WiFi transmitter in the lock (only Bluetooth) I don’t see how it will connect to Homekit.

  • fredg

    I just received an email from August tech support. Currently, it sounds like, there is no Internet connectivity and NO HomeLink connectivity!
    That is quite amazing to me.
    The other thing is that the tech support was very vague and did not come right out and say there is no connectivity, they just said no to every question I had that would require connectivity.

    They are obviously still in a beta stage (perhaps even alpha) and neither they nor Apple should be implying they are HomeLink compatible at this stage.

    I wouldn’t go near this product until it is fully developed–IF it ever is.
    It’s a great idea but it’s a work in progress.

  • Thanks for the update.