First Images Leak of Alleged 5.5″ iPhone 6 Display [PICS]



9to5Mac has shared pictures of the first alleged parts from the rumoured 5.5-inch iPhone. The image shows the alleged LCD display panel that measures in at 14 centimetres, which is approximately 5.5 inches diagonally.

The 5.5-inch iPhone 6 is rumoured to launch later this year. Apple is also expected to release a 4.7-inch model in September. We have already seen multiple part leaks for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, but this is the first time we have seen a leak for the 5.5-inch model. 

iphone 6 5.5-inch.png

Initially, Apple was rumoured to launch the 4.7-inch model before the 5.5-inch model because of production challenges they ran into with the larger device. Recent reports have suggested that Apple may have solved the production issues that plagued the 5.5-inch iPhone.

The new iPhones are also expected to include a higher-resolution display with a pixel ratio of 1704 x 960. The new devices are also likely to include improved LTE chipsets to support VoLTE as well as a new barometer sensors to better track weather conditions and the phone’s relative altitude.

The next-generation iPhone will reportedly be announced this fall alongside the public release of iOS 8. The company is also expected to announced the long-rumoured health and fitness-focused iWatch, which has been rumoured to come in multiple sizes and include over 10 sensors.


  • Al

    I highly doubt the iWatch will be “fitness-focused”. People talking about it just happen to be focusing on the expected fitness capabilities. Apple’s focus on the iWatch would logically be about integration with the primary functions/apps of the iPhone.

  • TheGuy

    If it is true that Apple will include all these sensors in the device, then yes it will be fitness-focused. There would be no point in making a wearable device if it can’t track your steps taken or calories burned.

  • Al

    Do you understand the use of the word “focused” in this context? Do you honestly think that most people who would buy this are the type of people who want fitness-related features? The “focus” will be on phone, e-mail, calendar, and text integration. Features that EVERYONE will want. The focus will absolutely not be on something that only a few will want. That’s just silly.

  • aaloo

    I highly doubt Apple’s focus for the smart watch will be text, email and phone. That’s what the phone is for. Sure, the watch may do those things, but simply as an extension of the phone. Not a standalone device. Just like with continuity in Yosemite and iOS 8, you can answer phone calls using an iPad or even your mac as long as your phone is nearby.

    For a device to be worth buying, it must be able to do things that other devices cannot. That is where fitness and health comes in.

    Do you honestly think people are going to walk around writing text messages on a 2 inch screen, or raising the wrist to their face and talking to it. That won’t be the major feature of apple’s smart watch. That is no innovation. Apple wouldn’t be hiring fitness and medical experts if they just wanted to make a wrist mounted phone. That’s what samsung would do, who spend more time and money and effort in marketing than research and development.

  • WatDah

    I think Al is this one that doesn’t get the word “focused” in this context. Although I’m not buying in to the idea (yet) of a “smartwatch”, I couldn’t agree more with what you said. Why spend all this time developing just an extension to what you already have in your pocket, when they have all the right tools and support for a device that focuses on health, where everyone has a potential interest? Who doesn’t want to be healthy/healthier? And by today’s living standard, health is something that needs time, work, and certainly needs monitoring. A well implemented heath/fitness focused device could push a new wave of health awareness. And that’s what the core of Apple is about, changing the ways people do things by making products that’s easy to use, and making their lives easier.

  • Al

    I never said the watch would be a separate means to do those things. I said TWICE that it would be an “integration”.

    Innovation is integration with Siri so that you can talk by phone, speak to send text, ask general questions, etc, all through the iWatch (integrated with your iPhone). Less need to fumble with your phone when dealing with quick/short situations.

    Apple is hiring fitness experts to bring something “extra” to the iWatch… Not to “foucs” on fitness/medical features.

  • Al

    The answer is… Money.

    A fitness-focused product from Apple would not generate as much sales as a product that tells you basic stuff without having to reach for your phone. It’s more convenient and even easier to use. THAT is partly what Apple is about. The health/fitness aspect is JUST A FEATURE. And the features are nothing special, unless you have a serious condition or are very serious about fitness. Otherwise, it’s mostly gimmicky stuff.

    It boggles my mind that you actually think Apple would come out with a major new product with such a narrow focus.

  • WatDah

    Please, I said in the very beginning that I’m not a fan of a smartwatch. You want to know what I really thnk? I hope Apple is NOT making a so called smartwatch, and surprise everyone with something completely different. That’s what I think.

    What you described is EXACTLY what I don’t want. A useless device on my wrist that doesn’t do anything special in particular.

  • aaloo

    Al, I couldn’t disagree with you more. Siri integration would just be a feature. So for example, I’m on a treadmill with my phone sitting in front of me on the ledge and a message comes, that message could get routed to my watch and I can have a quick glance at it and reply with Siri without having to touch my phone.

    But to say that this would be the major focus of the watch would be extremely silly. Because honestly right now I could ask Siri to read out the message to me and then reply using my Bluetooth headphones while I’m running. I don’t need another device to do that for me.

    However, if that device can do all of this, plus keep track of my fitness and health parameters, while still looking good enough to wear on a night out, then it’s worth buying..

  • Al

    Ok, so you say it is primarily a glorified fitness/health band… and I say a largely integrated remote control/extension of your phone, with fitness/health as one of the new features. We shall see.

  • Anon

    The funny thing is, you can have an iWatch right now. Just buy a wrist strap for your iPhone. BOOM, instant iWatch! lol

  • WatDah

    What’s even funnier is that you seem to know what this may or may not be real iWatch looks like and how it functions.