First iPhone 4 Unboxing and Hands On Videos


With today’s early arrival of iPhone 4 shipments in the US, people have been posting pictures of their latest smartphone all over the internet. With pictures come videos too, and the first iPhone 4 unboxing and hands on videos have hit the web. This seems to be the norm now with any new toy, so enjoy the following videos.

Here are a couple unboxing videos:

…and one quick iPhone 4 first impressions video:


  • Adantium

    I am SOOOOO jealous. Why can't Canada get some iPhone 4 love?

  • djepsilon

    The guy in the last video seems REEEEALLY excited, lol.

    Damn it! This isn't fair! I keep clicking the time machine button on my mac, but it won't take me to the future!

  • Xaroc

    i got patients, but im a little jealous. As i said in earlier forums that im probably holding off to buy it for myself as a early christmas gift 😛 But i also feel sorry for the guy in first video. When he put the camera down to open the box i seen Windows 7 on his computer…. it ruin the video… lol jk but do feel sorry for him 😛

  • Xaroc

    Americans need their chance to gloat. If they didnt get items first, they would have nothing lol

  • asdmd

    Would anyone purchase an iphone 4 from the UK unlocked, get it now and just wait for Rogers to work something out with the micro? Ive seen a bunch listed on ebay thats why I am asking.

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  • It is definitely not fun watching all these unboxing videos and reviews explode on the web while on the sidelines!

  • Josh Jj

    I find it funny that the 3GS came out around a year ago and refered as 'my old 3GS'

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