First Look: iOS 7 Boot Up on iPhone [VIDEO]


 iOS 7 iphone boot up

Yesterday Apple announced iOS 7 at WWDC 2013, a complete overhaul of its mobile operating system. iOS 7 is compatible with the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 and up. Here is a quick video of what it looks like to boot up your iPhone after installing iOS 7 and my initial first reaction:

More to come, stay tuned! 


  • ldrover

    Looks great. I wonder how it will look with dozens of non-Apple apps installed. Will developers be required to create new icons for their apps?

  • Chrome262

    Not a fan of the bright colours, but it is flat, and might use less resources, did seem to come up pretty fast though. They are getting there, still like my intelliscreenX, but the control options are close. are the controls transparent and come up on the lock screen?

  • dennis

    LOL….same old same old. Thats it I am done…..hello Android!

  • Enjoy

  • John

    Google gets another mug to harvest private data from well done.

  • haha

  • WatDah

    I notice the wallpaper is different (when they were showing it on the iPhone 5, it was an active wallpaper with cirles) and no transparency with the Control Center. But this is a iPhone 4 he’s testing on, some visuals are most likely toned down or disabled by default to maximize efficiencies and responsivness.

    Both Control Center and Notifications are accessible on the lock screen.

  • Andres Acero

    It changes deoending on what you put. Its hard to explain i’ll throw some pictures up to demostrate both questions.

  • luke morgan

    Just an FYI android has had these features since the s2came out lol sorry apple you are way behind again

  • crosseyed_mofo

    omfg lol i know liek wtf

  • Apple is not about being first, but coming in and doing it right where Android could not.

  • luke morgan

    No apple is about locking you to one device so you can’t use our music anywhere else and stealing everyone else’s ideas then claiming they made it better some how lol

  • Apple owns your wallet, but you love it.

  • Tigger59

    Love iOS7 and can’t wait to install / use it!