First Online iPhone 5s Orders Have Shipped for Canada–Has Yours? [PIC]


Apple sent out shipment notifications and UPS tracking numbers (at 2:57AM PDT/5:57 EDT) for those who ordered their iPhone 5s online on September 20 just after midnight. Orders are expected to delivery (in our case anyways) by October 1 and have left directly from China.

Below are the details for our 32GB iPhone 5s in gold. Notice the Apple email says delivers by October 3, but the UPS estimate says the 1st:

Screen Shot 2013 09 27 at 9 03 46 AM

Screen Shot 2013 09 27 at 9 06 38 AM

Initial order delivery estimates were cited at October 9-15 and then later pushed to October 10-16. It appears Apple has under promised and over delivered in this case. Has your iPhone 5s shipped yet?

Thanks everyone for the emails/tweets!


  • SkAshe

    I ordered the 5s space grey the 22th. I wonder when they’ll ship it. I hope before the end of October at least.

  • Fady

    iPhone 5s 64gb Unlocked space grey, still nothing ๐Ÿ™ not even a simple “preparing for shipping” ๐Ÿ™ I order this baby at 3:01am EST! And I still got a status that reads “processing items” Hopefully that will change today!!!

  • youreallyhavenoclue

    whoa. Never thought I’d ever say anything like this but I got mine on Tuesday and I ordered it through Rogers on the 20th. Well done…rogers? (feels weird typing it)

  • Same here. I ordered the same phone at 4:32am NST and still nothing.

  • Candy Curl

    I went to my Apple store at WEM in Edmonton last Friday at around 3:30 pm. Stood in line for about a minute, and had my iPhone, space grey 64 gb unlocked phone in 5 minutes. I did want the gold one but….they work the same, don’t they?

  • DaveMcG

    I have a gold that is already shipped, but my Space Gray also just “processing” FYI.

  • Off the Dial

    My 16GB Silver shipped this morning! WHOOHOO!

  • wstoneman

    my 32gb space grey is now preparing to ship as of 1:40 PM EST. Really hope it ships soon… going to eatens center today to see if they will get any soon.

  • Scratch

    Preparing for shipment! Oh yeah. Ordered mine at 3:01 am. Seems like it’ll be here sooner than estimated.

  • Vic

    Wife was shopping in Walden Galleria, Buffalo NY on Wednesday and walked in to Apple Store, no contract ATT in space grey 32g – in my hands with Koodo.

  • jaaaaaahman

    ordered 64gb 5s gold nothing…still the same since i bought it at 3:09am ๐Ÿ™

  • DaveMcG

    My black is now “preparing for shipment”

  • Fady

    Thx Dave, apparently the status of mine changed also! I appreciate the update ๐Ÿ™‚

  • wstoneman

    Eatons center has 64gb space grey… 5 left apparently

  • Fady

    ok i have a question, no1 hate me please lol….since most of are statuses are now “preparing for shipment” (the 1st batch of orders ofcourse), and today is Friday…does that mean that we wont see “item shipped” until Monday? does anyone have any experience with this from last years iphone 5 shipping from china? or does apple (in china) work over the weekend?

  • wstoneman

    I got my shipping notification at 1 am this morning… So I guess it’s still possible.

  • beep bop katbot

    I ordered the 16GB gold at 9AM on opening day, and it still just says “Available to ship: October” for me. I called Apple and they said I should expect mine in the later half of October. Sigh. =(

  • greg

    has anyone had an update on their UPS status?? Mine looks like Gary’s image above (place and time of last notice), but (in typical UPS fashion) they haven’t posted any new information in close to 36 hours!

    (I remember this problem with the iPhone 5 as well — so I shouldn’t be surprised)

  • Arbitrage

    My space grey 32GB ordered ~12:35AM shipped 24hrs after the screen shot above, so one day behind the earliest orders. Apple estimates my delivery on Oct 8th but UPS says Oct 4th. I was in the Oct 7-11 original estimate for delivery from Apple. Mine has to make it to the Yukon so always longer especially with UPS that goes ground from Vancouver.

  • CJ

    Ordered my iPhone 5c Gold 64GB at 3:01 on launch day and it’s expected delivery as of today is before 12 Noon on Oct 2nd.

  • Dhubert

    Yeap! Same here stuck in ZhengZhou, China since 09/27/2013 18:40 Arrival Scan

  • greg

    Thanks for the reply — good to know I’ve got company. My guess is that we won’t see an update in status until tomorrow morning — where I hope it says “in Canada”.

  • sky_n3t

    When you ordered it through Rogers on the 20th, did you order over the phone or through the reservation? Did you use a hardware upgrade or did you get a new contract?

  • Vikas

    My tracking info updated this morning:
    ZhengZhou, China 09/30/2013 16:47 Departure Scan

    So according to UPS it is only just leaving Zheng Zhou… hopefully it gets to Canada same day.

  • youreallyhavenoclue

    First I went online to the reservation system at like 8-9 am. Said I was 225 in line or something. I was like F that bullshit! Canceled my reservation and called retentions. (I had already changed my plan the day before in preparation for getting the new iPhone, and my contract was up on the 27th). Retentions told me they were unable to order them (5s was in a drop down menu on their system, but greyed out). So went back and reserved online again through the reservation system at 350th or so in line. Later the same day in the afternoon I read (likely on here) that Rogers customer service had them for order. I called back retentions (I generally only speak to retentions) and asked if I could now order it through the phone. They said it was still greyed out but connected me with a customer service rep who put the order through right away. Said it would arrive in 3-5 days with the possibility of an extra 7 days being added on due to demand.

    I think I used the hardware upgrade but they waived the fee as it was 7 days away from then. The plan I signed up for the day before was the share plan with my wife’s phone, 3 + 3 GB and all the other crap. Works out to slightly more than my previous plan with the 6 gb and retentions discounts.

    let me know if I can answer anything else ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Latest update: departure scan, Incheon Airport, South Korea

  • sky_n3t

    Thanks for the quick reply. I’m also waiting for my iPhone 5s 64GB Gold as well. I ordered one from loyalty on the phone and when I ordered it, loyalty told me that in 5 to 7 business days it will be shipped to my address but I think it was just a sales pitch in regards for a sale. My order is still in the “fulfillment” stage, which I don’t fully understand what that means but from what I gather and have seen on other Canadian tech sites like iphoneincanada, I think “fulfillment” stage means it’s still on the first process of after you make an order and Rogers makes an account change but is in queue for that order, I’m not 100% sure though.

  • sky_n3t

    BTW, I ordered on September 23rd 2013 so it has already been 7 days since and I haven’t received any notification via email or any outlet for networking in regards for my order aside from an email confirming my account change from Rogers. Also, within the 7 days since I made my order until now, I found out that my order has a case number that the “back-end team” in investigating, so I’m told, telling me that there is a huge “back log” problem with the orders from people that used the HUP and the people that used the reservation. BUT, almost every rep, when I called into Rogers told me that I should receive my device sometimes this week because of the timing of my order.

  • George

    LATEST UPDATE: Anchorage, AK, United States 09/30/2013 12:35 Arrival Scan

  • Mike Balls

    Mine shipped last night. I was surprised though that it is coming from China and not Markham, ON as all my previous Apple orders have. Since it is coming Int’l via UPS, will I have to pay customs, brokerage and all of those *ahem* delightful fees or does Apple eat those? My fees and taxes would be at least $200. That would not be cool.

  • No brokerage or fees from UPS when ordering from Apple. What you are billed for is what you pay ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ddsmak

    I got my 5S from UPS at 11:10 am. Woohoo!

  • Nice! Mine is already in the city, expected today.

  • ottosprout

    Me too!

  • Scarberia

    I ordered a 32GB Gold 5S via an upgrade from Rogers at 6:33am EDT on Sep 20, 3 minutes after orders began. I was originally #37, but moved up to #32. Last Wednesday the order status changed to “In Progress” but I haven’t seen a shipping notice or any other info.

  • Vikas

    I didn’t get mine yet.

    It hasn’t moved after:
    Mount Hope, ON, Canada10/01/2013 6:18 Arrival Scan

    I live in Northern Ontario and we don’t have UPS service locally so it will probably be transferred to purolator and I’ll have to wait a few more days.

  • iphone 5s

    mine is still processingg :'(


    Has anyone who ordered online from Rogers on the 22nd through loyalty gotten their tracking info or their phone delivered yet?


    did you receive your tracking info by email yet?

  • kate

    i ordered iphone 5s gold 16GB from bell at the source store on september 23 and i still havent recieved any notification emails

  • SkAshe

    No, not yet. I don’t think I’ll get it before the 20 October.

  • sky_n3t

    I ordered over the phone on September 23rd 2013 through loyalty using a HUP and I have not received any emails from Rogers besides the account change email but nothing regarding the device.

  • madison

    I ordered my iphone 5s the day it came out with bell…. and have not gotten any emails or information about my phone and today is october 3rd:( Help???

  • pmarcovi

    Ordered from Apple on 20th, got it Tuesday Oct. 2. Gold – 16.

  • Mike Balls

    That’s a relief! Thanks Gary

  • devin

    I ordered a 5S silver 16 GB from bell at the source… phoned today, apparently a bunch of phones arrived in Toronto for some of the orders, then will be shipped out to the stores in Canada… so possibly next week… ugghhh

  • devin

    ordered on sept 20th

  • MTMacPhee

    Ordered from Apple 8 minutes after midnight on the 20th (gold 64). As of right now “Processing Items”. ๐Ÿ™

  • Winston

    Ordered Gold 16gb on early morning Sept 20 from Rogers Business. Currently sitting 10 out of 800 with status as “In progress(pre-fulfillment)”. No emails from Rogers to date. Sigh…

  • Terry

    Yay, my status changed to “Preparing for shipment” today (ordered Sep 23 from apple, unlocked 5s Silver 64gb). I’m so exited, even though I know it might take few days before they actually ship it. But still, its making progress. And this is my first iPhone ever (well, any Apple product for that matter), so I’m twice as excited.

  • Tiredofwaiting@bellmobility

    Ordered online with Bell 32 GB silver on the 20th. Now Oct. 6 still waiting …..

  • 1bit0fMe

    Update: “Shipped” today, currently in ZhengZhou, China. ETA Wednesday, 10/9. Nice!
    PS: last comment of Terry is mine, just registered.

  • D_Mackdaddy

    Ordered my 5s space grey 32GB from Telus business on the 23rd, it just arrived today. ๐Ÿ™‚ Exactly 2 weeks for me, Telus was right on the money on their estimates.

  • sky_n3t

    Who received their iPhone 5s? And what carrier are you with?

  • Winston

    Now sitting 9 out of 871 on Rogers Business… was 10… but I doubt any got shipped, rather someone gave up and deleted their order… sigh

  • Tiredofwaiting@bellmobility

    Still waiting Bell

  • 1bit0fMe

    Noooo!!! I was out only for half an hour and missed delivery. Why is it always like that?! It’s like they know that you’re gone and have to come exactly that moment.

  • Matt Laporte

    Anyone know the final cost including everything on a 2-year plan? (including taxes)

  • Lillith

    I ordered my gold 16gb iphone 5s on the 21st of september and it just shipped out this morning! Due to arrive by the 16th, because I was expecting not to get it until late october/early november

  • Fubar

    That is good to hear, I ordered mine on the 22nd so I hope its not too far off either… Please post here again when you do get your hands on it.
    Also did your shipping info come from Rogers or right from apple?

  • Jim

    Rogers over-promised to me and did not deliver, leaving me with a sour taste. On *September 20*, at about 1 pm, I called retentions and they put the order through for a silver iPhone 5s. They said it would arrive in 3-5 business days because it’s in stock. I called them on the 5th day – they said it will take 10-15 business days. Today (Oct-11) is the 15th business day, so I called them to complain, transferred me to a supervisor who said that there is no definite timeline for the delivery!? After asking for it, he said the maximum he can give me is $25 credit. Comparing it to the $50 VISA prepaid card I’ve received from another large carrier when I was getting a phone from them before, I don’t feel Rogers are buying my satisfaction back. Lots of people I know are switching to another carrier (I prefer not to advertise to whom), so with that iPhone delivery flop combined with the latest extended outage, I’m seriously considering moving away from the Rogers/Fido network. I don’t feel being well served as their customer.

    Do you know any way I can make them ship my phone faster?

  • Jamie

    Customer Service now sucks at Apple.

  • Jackie

    Still waiting for a 16gig silver from Rogers…reserved it on the 23….went from 420 to 260 real quick and now stuck there…..even signed my new 2 year deal to get the extra data for free…..why release a product if you have none to supply? And whats the big hold between a white, gold and space grey…tons of space grey to be had…..

  • Tiredofwaiting@bellmobility

    Yes going onto week 4 and still waiting

  • sky_n3t

    Did you receive your device yet?

  • Winston

    Now sitting at 9 out of 1103 on Rogers… This is getting ridiculous… people are ordering now with the hope of getting before Christmas… sigh…

  • Brent

    I ordered a 64 GB iPhone 5s on 9/20 and it still hasn’t been shipped on 10/23. Ordered on line while at the Apple store. Sure didn’t expect it to take this long!

  • Tired2 of waiting

    I ordered iPhone 5s 32 g Gold on Oct. 3 & still have not had a word about delivery.Initially was told 2-3 weeks. I spoke with a manager at Bell this morning & he is blaming Apple. Very disappointing. Does anyone know if phoning head office would speed things up?