First Video of an Alleged Powered On iPhone 5C


A Chinese website has posted a low-quality video of a working iPhone 5C unit, showing the handset’s web browsing capabilities.

AppleInsider points to a Chinese blog, C Technology, which has the first hands-on video of the long-rumoured lower-cost iPhone. However, because of the video’s low quality, the content it somewhat questionable, so we can’t confirm that this is indeed a completely assembled and powered on iPhone 5C unit.

What we can see on the video, though, is an iPhone with a red plastic shell — one of the features the industry expects (colours) – running iOS7 and browsing Apple’s online store using mobile Safari.

The handset is in Airplane mode, operating on a Wi-Fi, and the video focuses on showing its web browsing capabilities: page load speed, scrolling, and gesture input. All of them appear to be in line with the current generation technology.

It is important to note that the iPhone 5C is rumoured to be very similar to the iPhone 5, so the video could easily show a currently available model running iOS 7 in a red case.

Apple is rumoured to introduce two new iPhone models during a September 10 event: the high-end iPhone 5S and the long-rumoured, lower-cost, polycarbonate iPhone 5C with the possible release date set to September 20.


  • Obi Juan Kenobi

    I want to believe it’s legit…but the backup home button tab on the screen prevents me. Insert iphone components for a video to fool westerners.

  • D

    iPhone 5 in red case

  • Chrome262

    5c might be real, but it just so weird to me how so much of this has been leaked. If true what happened to Apple security.

  • The supply chain has grown so large it’s now almost impossible to stop leaks.

  • Chrome262

    I guess we will see in 8 days

  • Can’t wait 🙂

  • Chrome262

    I just want to get iOS7 the rest will be interesting, but not upgrading till iPhone 6 ( I say this now but my wife is eyeballing my iPhone 5 so who knows)

  • Geeta Dutt

    Apple benefits greatly from these leaks too, they just add to the anticipation and hype!

  • Don

    It is now September 2nd and Apple still hasn’t officially confirmed the September 10th event. Don’t they usually announce these things at least by now, I don’t think the last few events have been this short notice. Seems a little they haven’t said anything yet considering its supposed to happen in just over a week now.

  • Many suspect invites will come tomorrow considering today is the labour day holiday in Canada and the USA.

  • Richard Xing

    Actually many people like to turn on AssistiveTouch regardless of whether or not their buttons are broken.