Fitbit Force Wristband Launches in Canada Retail Outlets


Fitbit has announced this morning their Canadian availability of the new Force wristband, available at brick and mortar stores such as Best Buy Canada, Future Shop, London Drugs, Sport Chek (and

In real time, Fitbit Force shows you: steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, active minutes as well as floors climbed. Fitbit Force has a highly visible OLED display that provides instant access to all your activity stats right on your wrist, keeping you motivated throughout the day. Force also monitors your sleep, can wake you with a silent alarm, serves as a sleek watch and can provide incoming call notifications (coming firmware update).

Force is the first and only in its category to be able to capture and display all of these stats on your wrist, as well as wirelessly and automatically sync them to leading Apple & Android smartphones and your computer, helping you push further to achieve your fitness goals.

The Fitbit Force will hit retail stores in December for a of $129.95. Anyone interested in the Force?



  • deturbulence

    I’m *almost* interested. As a One user, I can see the value of having this on the wrist instead of having to move it between waist and wrist for sleep tracking, but the price point is a barrier, as os concern about accuracy of step tracking form wrist vs. from waist (typical pedometer approach). Thoughts on accuracy?

  • NoOneCares

    I pre-ordered mine right after the Apple event did not announce an iWatch. πŸ˜‰

  • Jay

    Would be better if it could simply replace a watch band…. that way i could combine it with my pebble and get the best of both πŸ˜›

  • Matthew in Toronto

    I can’t do it.
    For the same reason I can’t use the Nike Fuel;
    Having to ‘press’ a button the be able to see the time – I just can’t do it. I want/need the time on screen/available all the time.

    Now all that said. The whole “FitBit” thing is great. I just think that if it’s on the wrist then it needs to display something. If only the pebble were a bit more motion aware.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    “Fitbit has announced this morning their Canadian availability of the new Force wristband, available at brick and more stores” Sorry not to be the typo police BUT shouldn’t the above read “at brick and mortar stores”? I guess proofreading is a lost art.

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  • Bamma

    I don’t know what the original post read, but I see that they now have “available at brick and mortar stores”….hmmm, if they had “available at The Brick and more stores such as…..” they would have been closer to being correct……We have a chain of stores here in Canada called “The Brick.”