Five Reasons To Buy & Not To Buy The iPhone 4


CNET has posted a video on their CNET TV web page that lists five reasons to purchase and not to purchase the iPhone 4. The video is not meant to cause controversy but is instead doing the opposite of what the rest of the world is doing and is not drooling over the device.

However their five reasons to buy the iPhone 4 are pretty drool worthy. In other words, they’re playing both sides.

So, let’s take a look at their five reasons to buy and not to buy the iPhone 4 and see if we agree.

Five Reasons Not To Buy The iPhone 4

Reason #5: No 4G.

The argument here is that the iPhone 4 does not run on a 4G network. By comparison, the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS both ran on 3G networks (GSM 850/900/1800/1900 and HSDPA 850/1900/2100) however the iPhone 3G had top 3G speeds of 3.6Mbps and the iPhone 3GS had top 3G speeds of 7.2Mbps. Unfortunately, the iPhone 4 also shares the 7.2Mbps 3G speed.

While it would have been nice to have 4G in the iPhone 4, none of the Canadian carriers currently support the network type. In Canada, the carriers have what they call “3G+” or “3.5G”, but we’re not at 4G yet.

Reason #4: No Unlimited Data.

This reason is more U.S. based. Before the iPhone 4, AT&T (the exclusive iPhone carrier in the USA) customers had a data plan option that offered them unlimited data. This unlimited option has now been removed in favor of tiered pricing and overage fees, kind of like in Canada! However, what was not very known is that the “unlimited” was actually capped at 5GB.

This doesn’t mean much for Canadians, since we never had (and never will) an unlimited data plan, but Rogers/Fido do have that famous $30 6GB data plan, which actually provides more data than AT&T’s “unlimited” option.

Reason #3: Verizon iPhone.

This is another U.S. based reason. If you are keeping track, you have for sure heard of all the drama surrounding the AT&T network from slow data to dropped calls to horrible customer service. Overall, the message is that AT&T sucks.

Verizon is the next best alternative and rumors have been growing that Apple may launch an iPhone for Verizon. While having two carriers to support the iPhone is great news for Americans, we Canadians actually have FIVE carriers that support the iPhone and each wireless network is actually pretty fast, with very few dropped calls. However what Canadians need is lower pricing from our wireless carriers and less colluding, as many would say.

Reason #2: AT&T Service.

On the back of reason #3, another reason not to buy the iPhone 4 is AT&T. Dropped calls, poor customer service, and very slow data make it very undesirable for Americans to sign a 2-year agreement with AT&T. Even worse, AT&T has the iPhone 4 locked!

When the iPhone 4 was launched and the launch date for Canada was July 2010, Apple posted that outright iPhone 4 models will be unlocked. Many Canadians were planning to go South to buy an iPhone 4 in hopes that it would be unlocked, but unfortunately that luxury seems to be reserved for a select group of countries. As far as we can tell, Canadians nor Americans can even buy the iPhone 4 outright from the USA!

Personally, I would have jumped on the iPhone 4 if it was sold unlocked in the USA, so AT&T really does suck!

Reason #1: Apple Lied.

This reason focuses that the new iPhone 4 is not as world changing as Apple makes it seem. A lot of the hype is just that, hype. Many users may have come away from WWDC feeling underwhelmed by the announcements.

The iPhone 4 features two cameras, a better display, HD video, multitasking, and the A4 processor. CNET claims that at least half of those feature are playing catch-up with the competition and the remaining half do not change much in the industry considering the large number of competitor devices out there that are better or equal to the iPhone 4.

So that was the five reasons not to buy the iPhone 4. Now let’s take a look at the opposite and the five reasons to buy the iPhone 4.

Five Reasons To Buy The iPhone 4

Reason #5: Better Antennas.

While we Canadians never had too many reception issues with the wireless carriers (see AT&T reasons above), they are known to drop the occasional call. The current iPhone 3G/3GS has its wireless, Bluetooth, and WiFi antennas inside the iPhone, behind the plastic back.

The new iPhone 4 has changed the placement and instead moved the antennas to the outside edge of the iPhone 4. So now the antennas have no plastic or metal blocking its signal. Theoretically, this means better reception from the carrier network, Bluetooth, and WiFi.

However, this recent video of reception issues says otherwise. You decide.

Reason #4: Two Cameras.

The iPhone 4 features two cameras. The first camera is on the back and features five mega pixels, auto-focus, a backside illuminated sensor, LED flash, 5x digital zoom, and HD video recording.

The front camera is a VGA camera used for Apple’s new FaceTime video calling feature (iPhone 4 required).

Reason #3: Multitasking.

The launch of iOS 4 brought the much anticipated multitasking to the iPhone. In this case, both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS receive multitasking through iOS 4, but due to the increased processing speeds on the iPhone 4, multitasking will run smoother on iPhone 4 than on the iPhone 3GS.

Multitasking finally allows users to officially switch between apps very quickly without having to end the current app they are using. Users can now use multitasking to leave an app and then come to it and pick up right where they left off!

Reason #2: HD Video.

Along with the new five mega pixel camera, the iPhone 4 can shoot HD video in 720p. Users can also edit the video in-phone using the new iMovie app, which is available for $4.99 from the App Store.

After recording your HD video, users can then upload the video to YouTube or MobileMe or send it via MMS or email right from the iPhone. Multimedia is really a strong point for Apple and the iMovie app is going to change the way people use their iPhone to shoot video.

Reason #1: Retina Display.

The new Retina Display on the iPhone 4 features 326 pixels per inch, which makes the display much more higher quality than that of the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. Text ends up looking like ink and not pixels, which makes for a very enjoyable viewing experience.

The iPhone 4 also features IPS technology, the same display technology found in the iPad and the previously updated iMacs. This gives the iPhone 4 a great viewing angle and provides very sharp images and text. After all, what’s an iPhone without the display?

So that was the five reasons to buy the iPhone 4.

There were many good and bad reasons to purchase (or not) the iPhone 4, but ultimately it is you who decides if the iPhone 4 is worth it.



  • With iOS 4 on my 3GS, even though I like to buy everything, I see no compelling reason yet to buy the iPhone 4 and am glad I’ve decided to see what iPhone 5 offers next year. Reports of yellowing Retina displays, scratches on the back of the new device, dropped reception bars if you actually hold the phone when you want to use it with further proof with slower results if hold the device, the new design is too flawed. Front-facing camera to use Facetime would be good if didn’t require, at least for now, WiFi only and that person at each end has the new device. Their commercial showing business person calling home from a hotel using Facetime was good in concept, but have you ever tried using hotel WiFi…their so called hi speed just means it is faster than 56Kbps dial-up but I’ve usually found it to be about 256-512 Kbps…a far cry from anything useful even for work purposes let alone streaming video….the 3G network would be much faster than WiFi in these cases.

  • Your points are valid. I’m just pointing out the flaws that make it not “Better or Equal” to the iPhone.

    Especially: Please HTC, adapt your wonderful phones so we can use them outside the US, how about supporting 3G as well as 4G ?

    Regardless of my emotional attachment to Apple/iPhone, this is the only phone (HTC Evo) that would make me consider leaving iPhone. (But then, I’d have to change my own site to instead, LOL)

  • Jamie

    So 3 of your 5 reasons not to buy an iPhone 4 are irrelevant to your demographic? Heh.

  • Amod

    Just tell me one DEVICE or Phone, which is “better or equal” to iPhone 4.
    Just give me one NAME!
    @CNET and @iPhoneinCanada

  • Joker Eh

    You mean 6 carriers: Rogers + Fido, Bell + Virgin (bell purchased virgin mobile), Telus + Koodoo.

    So everyone where is your lower prices? Eh.

  • Ex

    Koodo is not an official iPhone carrier.

  • chantellejoy

    Rogers/Fido do have that famous $30 6GB data plan
    Correction: *Did* have this plan. They had for the iPHone Launch, the 3GS Launch and the Android Launch, but to not currently offer it – and honestly, I'm not sure if they'll do so this time around (they might offer similar package pricing to the iPad though, $35/5Gb). But I can keep my fingers crossed.

    I know it might sound pretty stupid but,
    HD Video.
    This. This is the reason I'm getting this phone. I mean, I'm running a 2G as it is now, so I was probably going to get the new one anyways, but this is what makes it worth it for me. The Camera, The HD Video, The iMovie built-in. I'd spent $200 easily on a camera that had all that, regardless if it was a phone or not. (In essence, Apple has stopped me from buying a Flip MinoHD. It's that simple.)

  • MR

    The jittery video, weird reception/antenna issues, discoloured screens, and not-all-that-difficult-to-scratch glass are not at all encouraging. I think I'm going to hold off for now and see what happens.

  • Jac

    Evo 4G

  • chantellejoy

    Besides not being able to use it in Europe, most of Canada, and isn't available here?

  • Except you can't get the EVO 4G in Canada. Maybe the Nexus One with the 2.2 update.

  • Joker Eh

    When I got my 3G phone I picked up that 6GB plan, but after a year I dropped it. I never went close to 500mb a month and found I could save alot of money. And if I remember you had to sign a 3 year contract to get that deal. To me $35/5gb is still high if I still can't use that data while travelling out of country because of roaming.

    So chantelle what do you think about the reception issue? I like yourself was really looking forward to this phone but now I don't know. Do I have to have a bumper case for it to work? And doesn't that goes against all that design?

  • dw4lsh

    The question was just about finding a better phone and the HTC Evo definitely is one, regardless its availability in Canada.

    I've had a 3GS since last November. It was my first and last iPhone. I hate its closeness (where are my files ? where is the TRUE multitasking ?) and Apple's attitude, wanting to make jailbreaking illegal. They behave like Microsoft at the beginning of the millennium.

    Good bye Apple, here I come HTC.

    ps: please HTC, adapt your wonderful phones so we can use them outside the US, how about supporting 3G as well as 4G ?

  • If they offer the 6Gb Data Plan again, I'm going to jump on it in a heartbeat – specifically because of the HD Video, I want to be able to upload my videos directly to the 'net (or my PC via Dropbox, remotely). Also, I've been seriously looking into Live TV streaming options and almost have one working – Live TV on my iPhone over 3G would be…amazing. Also, I purposefully bought a wifi-only iPad so that I can use MyWi via my iPhone 4 for it. I plan on using a lot of Data.

    As to your second question: I don't think that the reception issue is a big deal. Honestly, I get why (and have read your comments in the other post) you think The Bumpers are some sort of conspiracy ๐Ÿ˜‰ But, I think, like the Wifi issues on iPad, the Screen/Smudge Issues on iPad, the, The discoloration Issue on the iPhone 4 – are all completely reasonable hitches and hiccups considering the demand for these products, and Apple's trying to manufacture them to meet demand. The reception issue is being overblown by the Media – Chill Out!

    For a company that prides itself on it's Quality of Product, there is no way it would allow an issue this significant to slip by on purpose.

  • roadcarver

    My 3G has new life with iOS4… I think it will be about another year before I upgrade.

  • Joker Eh

    I probably will jump back on the 6GB plan again if they offer it because at the time I cancelled it there was no thethering so I would like it that option on my laptop and when/if I buy a iPad.

    I sure hope your right on the reception issue. As for the screen issues, those to me will be worked out and I can always take it into Apple and they would replace it. I just do not think there is an easy fix to the reception issue. The only thing I can think about them doing is to make the metal frame go all the way around and no gaps.

    I don't think they did it on purpose but may have had to let it go because of expectations at the WDC. Can you imagine no new iPhone for steve to present and what would have happened to their stock price. Maybe I am being paranoid and I sure hope they fix the problem properly because I just don't think something like that is a firmware fix being a software guy that I am.

    And because I really really really what one and need one.

  • MR

    Just keep in mind that 1 hour of HD video on the iPhone takes up nearly 5GB… one 1-hour upload and that's ~83% of your month's limit.

  • Arrojo Paula

    Most of the reasons posted to NOT buy an iphone aren't even relevant to Canadians.
    It would be nice if a kind soul out there would blog about the 5 reasons to buy or not to buy an iphone canada.

  • They are going to pry my 6GB plan out of my cold, dead fingers. I like having the ability to tether and not really worry about data usage. Also like the ability to be able to stream and not worry about data usage either (be it music, VoIP… whatever)

  • No… just three. Virgin is owned by Bell, Koodoo is owned by Telus, and Fido is owned by Rogers. If Koodoo, Fido, or Virgin were all independent, then ya I'd say six but since they aren't it's really just three.

  • Hagow

    From HTC to iPhone back and forth a few times. Used HTC HD, HTC Touch Pro, Nexus One, and X10. Still went back to the iPhone 3Gs. Nothing compares, i learned the hard and expensive way. Getting iPhone 4 on release.

  • James

    the 6GB for 30.00 will be offered. We win again.

  • Ex

    It actually never went away, you just need to know the methods and
    have access to add it


  • rye

    …if you;re uploading a 5gb video over 3G you;re a crazy person. Can't it wait until you get it on your HDD?

    …of course I suppose the principle applies if you upload 12 5-minute videos in a month…

    Either way, I agree…I'll never leave Rogers so long as they honour my 6gb/$30 plan, from which they deduct 15% because I also have a TV and Internet at home ๐Ÿ™‚

  • so for sure, Canadians getting iphone 4 unlocked? pretty much good for any countries in the world?

  • Joker Eh

    LOL, I guess I going to have to do some bitching soon then. LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Ex

    Maybe. The reason at Rogers would really have to like you to go into
    the library and add it for you. Now if you had a personal friend with

  • Tim

    I wonder about the multitasking…. do the apps have to be designed to work with multitasking? When I use the multitasking feature while playing the highly addictive game “Angry Birds”… the game doesn't stay exactly where I left off! When I come back to it (via multitasking), it starts over (relaunches) as if I just started it as a stand-alone. What gives???

  • Matt K

    Jittery video? Video lenses are solid and don't move, only hands do.
    I've seen one “scratched glass” article on one phone. That doesn't make it an issue, nor do we know the REAL circumstances surrounding the scratches.

    Apple is by far one of the most criticized companies, and with every device they release, and the more they grown in popularity, the worse it gets.

    I'm still getting one. The pros heavily outweigh the cons.

  • MR

    Nonetheless, the video I've seen has been quite jittery, and I don't like it. I'm surprised there isn't some sort of image stabilization… surely that could be done with software.

    It would've been nice to not have to cover all that pretty glass with a case, but realistically, it looks like that will be the best way to avoid scratching… I suppose I just bought into the notion that the Super Amazing glass would be impervious to scratches.

    A case will resolve the antenna issues, and the discolouration seems to be temporary, so that's good news at least.

  • MR

    Will you be my very own personal friend, Ex? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • MR

    I most certainly will be waiting to transfer it to a computer, yes.

  • Ex

    Maybe. But unlikely.
    Haha. Cannot reveal identity.

  • darwing

    are you serious??? not as world changing as it may have seemed??? what were you expecting a phone that turns into a car??? IT'S A PHONE!!! that should be taken off as a reason not to buy just absurd! it is life changing video chat is going to change a lot you will see once everyone has them… EVO is a POS, Iphone, long batter efficient use of resources and smooth OS… on yea and its a PHONE!

  • Noahattic

    as the magical signal fade of new iphone 4's new feature, i definitely see this changes everything again, even the way you hold your phone…

  • Joker Eh

    Apparently this can be fixed via a firmware update. So I assume they will be releasing this very soon.

  • Joker Eh

    I don't know about the scratches thing. I know alot of people who have iphones and no one I know has screen protectors and no ones is scratched and some people carry their phones in their pockets with keys and change. Even mine the only thing that scratched was the black plastic back of my 3G. I could care less about that. I have used and tried the Zagg products and I don't like the feel of it on the screen. As for people complaining about smudges, well clean it then geeze.

  • Jac

    Sorry I was just thinking about the hardware, didnt really think about the other factors. ๐Ÿ˜›
    I've got another one though, the Samsung Galaxy S. They “do” have the same brain. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Noahattic

    firmware update? that's way complicated….. steve just replied as ” avoid holding it in that way”. i think that's the fix you r referring to……

  • Draz

    I would be surprised if Rogers offered their 6gb/$30 plan again this year. Why? Because the iPhone has become hugely popular since the 3GS came out, and Rogers is set to lose a lot of money if people were to jump on that plan. A lot of people have 1gb and 2gb plans and pay $30 and more a month, and most of those customers would switch instantly to save a ton of money.

    The iPhone 4, well its mostly the iOS updates, that will eventually result in more and more data usage. Apple already has the location services thing running in the background. Multitasking apps that can use your data in the background. And who knows what more data stuff they will add in future iOS updates.

    I do however see Rogers releasing their 5gb/$35 plan which the iPad has. So at least its something. I have the 6gb/$30 plan and I use more than 5gb a month with streaming music and videos for most of the day while at work. In a way you can say I waste my data, but I find that the plan really allows me to use the iPhone to its fullest.

  • anon

    You clearly don't really work for rogers or you'd know that this plan is not currently available, nor would you be inciting customers to call in and ask for it.

  • Ex

    First, I am not inciting anyone to call in and ask for it since it is not
    publicly available.

    Two, the plan is not available publicly, but if you have access, the plan is
    100% available. Considering your response, if you work for Rogers/Fido, you
    clearly don't have access (call center staff?)

    Three, I never said I work for Rogers nor did I say I do not work for
    Rogers. However, I am glad you think I don't. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • So long as you buy it full-price from Apple, that's the word.

  • Czarembo

    I'm from south of the border. Should the phone be sold unlocked, I'll be coming north for it. Is there anyway to avoid the GST on my purchase? Thanks.

  • Czarembo

    Roadcarver, how is the application performance? I have a 3G, but I've heard that iso4 isn't a good fit. You sound as if you are satisfied. Can you give us some impressions on it?

  • MR

    As of July 1, it's not just 5% GST; it'll be 13%, as we have a new tax system going into place. Well, in Ontario and BC at least. I'm not at all sure about how it could be avoided.

  • MR

    As far as I know, Apple hasn't said anything about a software fix; it's a hardware issue with no incoming fix other than using a case.

  • Ex

    You'll pay 12%, as always, and then duty at the border.

  • roadcarver

    Czarembo, it's good. I have no performance issues with it. The JB option also allows for fast app switch. I find that Apple has been listening to the JB community… “Task switching” and “Portrait lock” are now part of the iOS4, which is a good thing. I did find though that if I added “SBSettings” along with the mobile substrate, I noticed some lag with my 3G. This time around, I JB'd it, but did not install the SBSettings yet.

  • roadcarver

    This could be the reason they are selling 3Gs unlocked!

  • Czarembo

    Thanks. I guess I'll purchase it in Alberta. Sorry to hear about the harmonized taxes in BC. Oh, well when in Washington state, you'll be exempt from our sales tax.

  • cdj

    I can see that you’re an expert at your field! I’m launching a site soon, and your facts will be quite useful for me..!.! Thanks for all your help and wishing you all the success with your business.