Designer’s Concept Shows How Force Touch Could Work on iPhone [VIDEO]


Apple’s next iPhone is rumoured to include Force Touch, a feature that debuted on the Apple Watch and the company’s newest MacBooks.

Designer Maximilian Keiner (via Cult of Mac) has shared a concept video of how this feature could look on the iPhone.

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Here’s what he had to say about his concept:

The idea is to jump into any settings menu with a “Force Tap” on an icon, be it the Bluetooth-icon, or an App-icon.

Historically, settings has been one of the domains where Android had a UX lead over iOS. To introduce a universal interaction for improving it at this maturity-stage of the OS would be a big deal. I’d be curious what other UX-ideas on an OS-level people out there have.

Check it out below:

Recently, we’ve seen alleged ‘iPhone 6s’ display parts leak that showcased a new sensor, which some believe to be in place to support Force Touch. Back in March, the WSJ reported Apple’s next iPhones would support Force Touch, while also introduce new colour options.

Do you want a Force Touch ‘shortcut’ for settings in iOS, or for your next iPhone for that matter?


  • A

    I already have this function on my JB i6p

  • I still remember my old BlackBerry Storm years ago was the first device to have the force touch idea. Tap to select, and push the screen, and the entire screen would click for additional options.

    Like many things, Apple isn’t the first to do it. However, when Apple gets around to it, it’s normally more polished than what it ever was before. I’m looking forward to how Apple will implement this in all different ways.

  • FragilityG4

    Something similar but just because you jailbreak it doesn’t me force touch technology is all of a sudden built in.