Foxconn Gets Hacked By Group Called SwaggSec


Foxconn just had a hacker group called SwaggSec gain access to some of their sensitive information, as of yesterday evening.  The information contained in the dump includes logins and passwords to various servers and intranet sites.

9To5Mac were able to find this from one of the servers:

They also located the details for Foxconn’s CEO Terry Gou:

I highly doubt that any of the servers are accessible from outsiders now.  The amount and sensitivity of the data taken is as yet unknown but it looks to be some sort of publicity stunt by the hacker group, in order to highlight the poor working conditions in the Foxconn factories, a story which we covered a couple of days ago. The full statement from SwaggSec has been posted in the 9to5mac article.


  • Anonymous

    Interesting stuff. Their phone numbers is 11 digits.