Free 20GB Storage For Old MobileMe Users Expires On September 20


For the past couple of years, former MobileMe users have been enjoying 20GB of complimentary iCloud storage, which was awarded by Apple on migration to iCloud between October 12, 2011, and August 1, 2012. Yesterday, Apple posted an article and also sent an email reminding old MobileMe members that their complimentary iCloud storage plans will expire on September 30, 2013.

Mobile Me

On expiration of complimentary storage, the members will automatically receive the free 5 GB iCloud plan. Those Customers who need more storage will then need to buy it through iCloud. To make things easier Apple’s FAQs detail how users can check to see how much storage they are using and how to upgrade their storage plans.

What happens if the storage I’m using exceeds the total storage available?

If the storage you’re using in iCloud exceeds the total storage available, iCloud Backup, Documents in the Cloud, and iCloud Mail will temporarily stop working. To resume using these features, you can either reduce the amount of iCloud storage that you’re using, or purchase a storage plan with a larger amount of storage than you’re currently using.

As on older MobileMe user, do you plan on upgrading the free 5GB iCloud plan?


  • wstoneman

    I doubt they were suffering without this space… they should really let us keep it for backing their mobileme service.

  • Agree. Lame to remove it.

  • Yeah, I purposely didn’t use mine simply because I didn’t want to get attached to it. Especially after the glitch that showed our space would last 50 years, it would have been nice for them to just honour that.

  • MleB1

    A banner on my iCloud homepage advises me that they’ll be screwing with it soon, too – jamming an online Pages BETA down my throat. Dislike Pages on Mac or iPhone, why would it being online make it any better? And really, who that really does serious WP work saves to .pages? As it is, iCloud is nothing more than a backup to backup for me – but honestly, remember when the whole point behind a personal computer was that you had all of your files on a local device and didn’t have to rely on the vagaries of a transmission line and a distant mainframe?

  • Arcsvibe

    I agree!