[u] Get a Free A&W ‘Sriracha’ Teen Burger from your iPhone [PICS]


If you have an A&W in your area, you can redeem a coupon to try out the company’s new Sriracha Teen Burger for free. Part of an email marketing campaign, the company sent out a blast advertising 100,000 free coupons for the newest addition to A&W’s burger line up. The coupon is only redeemable on your smartphone.

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You need to redeem the coupon online in order to use it, as you need to show the cashier your smartphone’s screen. Below is what the coupon looks like:

IMG 1059 IMG 1060

I tried the burger on the weekend and it’s actually not bad. I don’t visit A&W often but when I do, the onion rings are a must as they are some of the most underrated onion rings around.

You can click here to redeem your coupon now. A&W has over 770 locations coast to coast, from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland they say.

Update: A&W says their site is overloaded from too many people redeeming the coupon.


  • Geoffrey Spencer

    The link is not working.

  • This is the link:

    But it appears to have been taken down. Maybe it is the ‘RFD effect’…

  • natedog

    you the man gary! Thanks.

  • Enjoy your free burger(s) 🙂

  • To many people are using the website, will try late tonight

  • Anthony ?

    This promo was a disaster. First the site gets hammered by the freebie sites to the point that it’s barely responsive, then the process of actually redeeming the coupon (which has a 15 min time limit once redeemed) gets screwed up by the constant site issues, so tons of people just ended up getting a coupon that they tried to redeem and ended up losing because the site wouldn’t respond in a timely manner.

    A case study in how not to do it if you ask me.

    (Yeah, I’m annoyed that I didn’t get my spicy fire burger despite actually getting a coupon, since the site crapped out so much while redeeming that the 15 min window passed and I “lost” it.)

  • Amy

    How does this promo work?