Free ‘SBSettings’ Alternative Instead of Paying 99 Cents for IconProject


A couple days ago we mentioned a tweak to bring shortcuts to your iPhone homescreen for various iOS settings such as Bluetooth, WiFi, Airplane Mode, etc. It required purchasing a 99 cent app called IconProject, but there is a free alternative out there.

Just visit and follow the instructions below:

1) Choose the Settings you would like to add to your homescreen below
2) Click on the link and it will load to make sure it is working
3) Open Safari back up and click “Add To Home Screen” and wait for the icon image to load
4) Click back and repeat from step 1!


You get the same results as before, but it’s completely free. You also get icons for each shortcut too, so there’s no need to make your own.

Let me know how this works for you!

Hat tip to @justinluey for the heads up!


  • Works, better than IconProject which I bought and actually opens 3 apps to execute 1 function. This method only opens 2.

  • Just saw this earlier too. It’s good for settings as it does open them up faster. However I’m still glad I got IconProject, it makes for better looking icons if you care about that (the brightness icon from this method is atrocious in my opinion). And you can use IconProject to make custom icons for web pages that don’t generate their own when saved as icons or that also look like crap! I’ll be using both these methods, thanks for the tips!

  • Anonymous

    Wow! It works perfectly. I was just struggling if I should pay that 99 cents to have this alternative before JB is finally available. Thanks for the tips. Very nice!!

  • Anonymous

    Meh. I don’t like this way because it constantly opens a new tab in safari.

  • Marco

    I am still running IOS4.3.5, and it doesn’t open the page in “Setting” 🙁

    You guys are running IOS5 right?

  • Don

    Meh I’ll wait for the inevitable jailbreak and get the real SBsettings.

  • Dr. AL

    Joys of being a developer. Took 10 minutes and wrote my own app to run one line to open up the specific setting. Borrowed some images for icons and installed the apps. Homemade app opens and then spits it over to the settings, no safari opening & no icon project opening.

  • Anonymous

    How did you get an unsigned app to run with no jailbreak?

    I love the idea of safari not opening.  Just a minor annoyance, but an annoyance nonetheless….

    Would be interested to see how it works…(hint, hint) 🙂

  • Dr. AL

    I have a dev account so the app is signed.

    The app loads a white screen for a half second, before spitting it over to the specific setting. Then it just has the shortcut app icon in the multitasking bar along with the setting icon (obviously). The app kills once it has ran so pressing the icon again (either on the home screen or in the multitasking bar) just runs the code again as spits it back over to the settings.

  • Abc

    It works thanks!

  • Anonymous

    HAHA…of course…totally missed the developer angle (the flu meds must be working..)

    Too bad it’s not something that can be submitted to the App Store…I’d be more than willing to part with some cash for an improved version of Icon Project…

    Great idea!

  • Dr. AL

    I’ve got a video of it running in the simulator… Can’t upload it here though.

    On a side note it doesn’t have the same effect on an iPad, and so it would probably be rejected by Apple as per the rules it needs to run on an iPad as well. The app is also very narrow focused. I just made individual apps that run each specific shortcut that I wanted. So the Hotspot shortcut can only do that. There are no settings no nothing. Works for me on a personal level though, and now my wife can stop nagging me about it taking too many presses to get to the wifi settings…

    Sticking it up on iDisk…

  • Mark Garcia

    Does not seem to work on an iPhone 3G, running iOS 4.1… Is this iOS 5 only method?

  • Anonymous

    Very well done!  Congratulations on a great job!

    Need to get me a developer account…haha, and then, learn how to develop…


  • Steve Lam

    just install the free app “i love icons free”. it does the same thing. you are limited in app icons but it works just fine without launching safari.

  • Hey can u share the app or the code with me….?? Thanks in advance….!!!

    My email id :

  • Anonymous

    Personally I don’t think it is a problem. How often you will use the toggles in between the times you use Safari? You can always close those tabs next time you run safari. But again, this is another improvement needed for iPhone that allow users the choice to set safari to open URL in the same or different tabs.

  • Anonymous

    i just used the ‘i love icons free’ app instead of the way mentioned in the article. now safari doesn’t open at all and doesn’t keep adding new tabs.

  • Jehudaspearsy

    Sorry I’m not an expert on these things… Are we able to use this app you’ve created here or do you need to be a developer to use it?

  • EastVanBC

    Works great! Now I can have a Bluetooth shortcut.

  • Davebjohnson

    Thanks for the tide over until jb. xoxo

  • Anonymous

    The shortcuts are new in iOS 5.

  • Dr. AL

    The video was a proof of concept that there could be a better solution than icon project or home screen bookmarks, and it is not available to the general public.

    I don’t have any immediate plans to develops it further as it will likely be turned down by apple as it potentially goes against a few rules. If anybody with a developer account wants a shortcut for a setting I’ll distribute the Xcode project for free. Its pretty basic and could be rewritten fairly quickly so I could just send instructions.

  • Asakura58

    works thanks for the great share!! 😀