FreedomPop Brings 4G Capability To iPhone 4/4S With Add-On Sleeve For $99 [VIDEO]


FreedomPop, a company backed by Skype Co-Founder Zennstrom, has been working on an iPhone 4/4S sleeve with integrated cellular radio in order to provide users free mobile broadband access on Clearwire‘s 4G WiMAX network (U.S only). Looks like company is now taking pre-orders for the sleeve at US $99 and is calling it the Freedom Sleeve 4G (via AllthingsD). Each sleeve will also include 500 MB of free mobile data. Those who have ordered the device are reportedly being told that it will ship by the end of summer.

According to the source:

FreedomPop also plans to sell data packages for those who want more than the included free bandwidth.

“The timing couldn’t be better for our product,” said FreedomPop VP of Product Mauricio Sastre in a statement. “Carriers are throttling data and increasing prices and users are desperate for affordable alternatives. As the mobile industry flexes its joint oligopolistic power, we want to ensure that we are keeping them honest.”

Here’s a video of the Freedom Sleeve in action:


  • Yamadorishitate

    Would love to see this in Canada!

  • montymon

    I’d love to get this for my U.S. travel! Can’t get availability without a ZIP Code though… 

  • 500mb of data free in Canada. This is impossible.

  • Blake

    its not hard to load a 29 second youtube video that fast xD

  • Bbb

    not plan for Canada?

    how would the free 500 mb work, would you have to buy a plan from freedompop afterwards?

  • I had a US friend buy me the Photon. I was using it while visiting Philly. Works great in most areas. On the interstate drive home, it would pick up as I passed large cities. Then drop out in open areas. So it’s no good for GPS nav’ing.

  • Shifat

    I’m pretty sure this would work in certain cities andtown in canada such as where i live – windsor. I can recieve Sprint on my BB ( and im not in roaming mode)