French Champagne Producers’ Association Warns Apple Not To Release A ‘Champagne’ Color iPhone



The Comité Champagne (Interprofessional Committee for Champagne Wine), a trade association that represents the interests of independent Champagne producers and Champagne Houses in France, has warned Apple not to release the new iPhone 5S or 5C in a ‘Champagne’ colour. While talking to local daily L’Union l’Ardennais, the legal director of the trade association said “Champagne doesn’t have one single colour”. (via iDB)

The Committee also sent a tweet earlier this week saying that “Champagne” is neither a colour, nor anything else than the name of wines from Champagne. They say that in order to stay informed about abuses, they use some classic tools like brand and domain name monitoring, as well as internet alerts.

“So we can’t say that a ‘champagne’ colour exists. Therefore, any company wanting to use the name ‘Champagne’ would be doing so [only] to attract all the benefits that surround [the label.]”

The CIVC (Interprofessional Committee for Champagne Wine) has made clear its intention to challenge Apple if it dares to invoke the iconic French brand. Apple should consider themselves forewarned. The CIVC, which is responsible for protecting the use of the term ‘Champagne,’ has a winning record in preventing a variety of companies and products from attempting to co-opt the label, as Goamaere warned on Tuesday.

In the past, the CIVC has successfully barred the use of ‘Champagne’ in toothpastes, mineral water for pets, toilet paper, underwear and shoes.


  • AiCMark

    Good grief.

  • Chrome262

    But not in car colors, It sets a precedent, so Apple should be fine. Besides which you can call a color anything you want. Maybe they could call it sparkling wine lol

  • Chrome262

    agreed, sometimes think organizations like this are just created to satisfy some deep seeded narcissism. And Champagne is a color, its how people know it’s the right kind of bubbly piss

  • K3

    Next up, frog green.

  • Watch out, Kermit green says Jim Henson lawsuit all over it.

  • WestCoastStar

    I agree. Apple should call that colour “bubbly.”

  • pegger1

    You think if someone released a product and referred to the colour as “iPhone coloured” that Apple wouldn’t be all over them with lawsuits? It’s the same thing.
    They’re just trying to protect their brand and prevent someone else from trying to profit off of it.

  • Al

    Then they missed the boat decades ago. Champagne is an established range of colours used by like a bajillion different industries.

  • K3

    That frog went years with a sweaty guys hand up his heinie so it’ll be okay but it’s actually the Simpsons yellow that could be a problem now.

  • K3

    They changed it a few hours ago, “Klondike” is the new name so when you get another scratch look under it for a pan and then have it checked at your local kiosk.

  • K3

    If you owned a phone associated with the word bubbly would your buddies have something to say about it?

  • daftchemist

    Apple can just not call it champagne and refer to it as off gold or something, atk least then they dont have to remake it. Still silly.

  • Daniel

    Kind of like patenting a rectangle with rounded corners, perhaps?

    Apple can come up with something different to call it.

  • Chrome262

    Yeah its to little to late, its like trying claim intellectual property on the fact that the sun is warm. its not happening. I used to see lots of this stuff in France, the cultural ministry tried to make people stop staying computer, because it wasn’t french.

  • Chrome262

    Ok no Klondike colored car lol

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Yea, if what K3 is saying is true, I’m not surprised Apple has decided not to fight over the use of Champagne. As the post states CIVC has been successful in the past with this type of issue and in all likelihood would have won if it went to court. There’s a reason that only sparkling white wines from the “Champagne” region of France are the only ones allowed to use that on their labels. If you doubt me check the sparkling white wine section the next time you’re in a liquor store and look at the labels from various countries. “Champagne” will not be on any of them.

  • johnnygoodface

    Not again! Another potential sue! If this goes on, people will start boycotting Champagne, but careful buddy! We’ve had enough of this! Samsung, … now the Champagne producers!…

  • Jim

    Canada Dry the Champagne of Ginger Ales.
    It’s been used since 1922 in their ads. CIVC should get on that!

  • Mr. Mc

    The dictionaries list champagne as a colour so I don’t think they have much of a case here if the rumored colour name is true. I’ve heard people use champagne as a colour all of my life and apparently it goes back to 1916. They should be exceedingly joyful if Apple uses the name champagne. That fact alone makes me want to buy a bottle because it adds value. I wouldn’t buy a bottle otherwise. These companies need to learn the value of free advertising and mutual benefitting relationships. If they sue, they will ruin their free advertising.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    I haven’t heard them use that slogan in any of their ads in I don’t know how long. I also don’t recall seeing it on the bottle’s label anymore either.