Friday Lock HomeKit Smart Lock Launches in Canada, U.S. and More

Friday Lock started out as a project on Indiegogo two years ago by Friday Labs, and today the company announced the HomeKit-enabled smart lock is now available for sale in Canada, the U.S., Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway on its website.

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Friday Labs collaborated on their smart lock with architectural group BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group, the latter responsible for Google’s new headquarters and Hyperloop One. The company says their smart lock is the “world’s smallest and most stylish”, the only lock available on the market that has Bluetooth, WiFi and HomeKit in one product.

Installation does not require a locksmith, as the company’s ‘Universal Baseplate’ makes it easy for homeowners to find a simple match for their lock install. Friday Lock is customizable as there are changeable die cast metal cover shells in copper, bronze, gun metal, brass, silver, nickel satin and porcelain, to match any door design.

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Friday Lock, with its HomeKit support, means you can use Siri remotely to lock or unlock your doors, plus also setup automated scenes through the Home app, for those with Apple TV 4 or iPad acting as a home hub. Your door will lock and unlock as you approach it with your iPhone, while users can also share temporary lock codes for friends and family to use. Push notifications will let you know every time the door is opened or closed.

Check out the promo video below:

You can buy Friday Lock from the company’s website for $249 USD, with Steel and Bronze available now—other colours are on pre-order starting today. Friday Lock’s price is expected to be at $340 CAD or so. Stay tuned.

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  • tomm

    One problem I see is what if someone does not have or looses their iphone? Is there some keypad one can get? I did not see it listed anywhere and the video does not mention it-that’s a big problem.

  • Liam

    If you do not have your phone you can still turn the lock with a key.

  • tomm

    I don’t see any place on the outside to insert the key. What about some keypad where you could key in the code the old fashioned way. One of their videos says it is good for rental owners, but what about those that don’t have iphone or android phone? Than you start hiding keys under the doormat again? That’s not acceptable for $350 lock.

  • Dr. AL

    It’s like the August lock. The outside of the lock remains the original deadbolt with a key slot and just the inside changes.

    The don’t show the outside lock for this reason. It remains as exactly what you have.

    And seriously the people who don’t have smartphones have no issue with using keys…

  • tomm

    But I do ave a big issue using keys. I am the one to pay $350 and I don’t want to play the hiding the key game for those times when someone does not have a phone or does not know how to download the app. I have a dumb lock keypad now that everyone can use, so I should save a lot of money and keep what I have I guess. I think a keypad somewhere on the door or nearby is essential.

  • Flash

    Schlage smart sense then, keypad, key and smart tech

  • It’s Me

    What would you do with a traditional lock if you lost your key or don’t have it with you?

  • tomm

    Thanks, I looked at it and Home Depot has it for $268, 10% off. There is only one problem – it communicates with the Apple TV4 via bluetooth and if your Apple TV4 is too far or on a different floor, the bluetooth connection will be too weak or it will disconnect. I measured it and even on the same floor by the stairs with Bluetooth speaker and the Airpods and it was -96 RSSI and downstairs by the door it disconnected. I have read someone had to move the Apple TV4 to a different location to regain remove connectivity. I have my Apple TV4 connected to my TV, so that’s not an option to move it. Too bad this lock does not use wifi like the Koogeek to communicate with the hub – the Apple TV4. It has the keypad and even key, so it would be perfect for my needs. There is always something.

  • Brad W

    It’s still a traditional lock either way.

  • Brad W

    It has wifi and bluetooth.

  • It’s Me

    Yes, but his point was he’d stop bringing his keys with him and so would be locked out if he lost his phone. And of course the answer is the same as “what would you do if you lost your keys?”

  • tomm

    but it communicates with the TV4 (the hub) with bluetooth as far as I know. Do you mean to say that you can use wifi to connect the lock to the Apple TV4 completely bypassing bluetooth? I’d love that. I think I talked to Schlage tech support and I was told that it connects to the hub, Apple TV4 via bluetooth. I think they use bluetooth because it uses less power than wifi. However, the Nest battery powered smoke detector uses 5 batteries to connect to wifi and apparently they last 5 years, so obviously it can be done with wifi only.